Ashley Graham Shares Adorable Videos of 5-Month-Old Son Isaac Enjoying Quality Family Time

Graham went on to reveal that she and her husband had just celebrated an extra special parenting milestone — one that involved being able to get a full night’s rest!

Uploading a selfie of herself with a big smile on her face, Graham wrote that “this was a smile” of a mother whose “baby slept through the night on his own!”

“I def feel late to the game – but it was the perfect time for us,” the mom of one added, as she asked any of her followers with children of their own to share when their kids started “sleeping through the night.”

The proud parent also shared a close-up look at some of the jewelry she was wearing: which included a necklace with her son’s name on it. “Isaac is 6 months next week,” she wrote.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Graham and her husband have been spending quality time at the family farm in Nebraska. "My husband, Justin, my son, and I have been out here on my aunt's farm," the model told Vogue back in March. "Being here means so much to me. This is where I would come every summer to see my family and be with my cousins."

"The most important thing has been remembering to 'fear not.' Turn your TV off, get off social media and remember not just to think positively, but to speak it, too," she added.

The Pretty Big Deal podcast host has been encouraging her fans to follow the federal guidelines of staying indoors during the global health crisis and keep an eye on their mental health.

“The times we are in feel surreal and have put everything into perspective. I’m using this time to appreciate the family time I get to enjoy with Justin and Issac. But we have to acknowledge that it’s a big adjustment to stay inside all day, so remember to also check in and take care of your mental health,” she wrote in March.

“We’re all in this together, so in the spirit of “love thy neighbor” let’s lead with love and kindness,” she added.

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