This New K-Beauty Vault Is Packed With Glass-Skin Essentials

Julep is the latest brand to bundle up its K-beauty essentials into one easy-to-navigate place. Its brand-new Passport To K-Beauty is the ultimate Korean skin-care vault, complete with 11 of Julep's best-selling products for helping your skin become as clear and glowing as a member of BTS.

Everything is neatly organized in a multi-tiered pink box you can keep on your vanity or under your bathroom sink. It looks like one of those packages that thousands of people watch influencers unbox on YouTube. The only difference is you could have 47 followers on Instagram and still get your hands on one of these.

With ingredients straight from Jeju Island, which is a popular vacation destination for K-pop stars located below the southern tip of South Korea, you have a complete K-beauty routine in one convenient place. You can mix-and-match the products depending on the time of day or what your biggest skin concern may be. To simplify it, Julep divided up the 11 products into three different sections. Keep scrolling to learn all about each one.


Let's start at the top. You flip it open to find a mirror as well as products that make up the "protect" section. Obviously, with that theme in mind, sun protection is involved — namely the No Excuses Invisible Sunscreen Gel. No matter what your skin tone may be, the clear formula won't look chalky on you.

At the end of the day, you could try the Triple Quench Deep Hydration Sheet Mask System , which includes a three-step regimen to follow once a week. You start off by prepping your skin with the essence gel, which helps skin absorb products better.

Next, you can slap on the moisturizing gel sheet mask. After leaving it on for 15 minutes, you can finish up with the sleeping pack, a thick moisturizer made with shea butter. If you like that last step, then you'll be into the full-sized Night Shift Deep Sleep Facial Mask that's also a part of this kit.


The drawer underneath it is all about hydration with five different products. My favorites are the two mess-free sticks for smoothing all over your face no matter where you are. For the A.M., there's the You Got This Pressed Serum Daily Moisturizer, which is packed with antioxidant-rich Jeju blossom extract to protect your skin from the damaging effects of pollution and intensely moisturizing ceramides. At night, reach for the Dream Big Nightly Renewal Pressed Serum, which is spiked with exfoliating BHA, so you can wake up with skin so glow-y you can skip highlighter.

The Boost Your Radiance Reparative Rosehip Seed Facial Oil is another great addition. It will give your skin a dewy, post-workout look that benefits your skin with its star ingredient: rosehip seed oil. There's also the So Awake Depuffing Gel Eye Cream and the What Your Skin Needs Restorative Facial Milk, a light, oil-based lotion that you only need a drop or two of to nourish your skin.


The bottom tier focuses on the base of any good skin-care routine: cleansing. In the case of this, well, case, double cleansing is key. You can kick off your skin-care regimen every night by removing your makeup with the Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil. You can even squirt it onto the Charcoal Konjac Sponge, a supersoft sponge that helps slough away dead skin cells and makeup, that's also included in the box. (It's also a Best of Beauty Award winner.) The second part of your double-cleansing routine can be completed with the Love Your Bare Face Detoxifying Cleansing Stick, which gently exfoliates without any grit thanks to pomegranate fruit extract.

So what can you expect to drop on Julep's Passport To K-Beauty vault? It will be available for $249 on, and, beginning this August. The price tag may seem hefty, but if you break out a calculator, you'll notice the individual products add up to $326. With the vault, you're saving $77. You're basically getting two or three products for free, which is a plus when K-beauty routines typically account for 10 to 11 steps.

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