This Gorgeous Hair Ribbon Doubles as an Incognito Sex Toy

No matter where a person lies on the vanilla-kinky spectrum, there's a solid chance they have that drawer or box somewhere in their bedroom. You know the one: toys, protection, lube, and anything else that might assist in the sex, kink, and masturbation departments. It's usually hidden from sight, not because of shame but because most guests would probably find a vibrator or condoms or handcuffs lying out in the open unbecoming. 

But imagine a soft, silky bondage accessory that's gorgeous enough to wear on your person anywhere. Thanks to Joyce Lee, the founder of Her Place, that's exactly what we all have access to now. Lee is the inventor of the Her Ribbon, a versatile hair accessory that can double as a blindfold or soft restraint. 

As Lee tells Allure, her creation is a lot more than just a tool for sex. "Beauty and bondage together make sense to me because it all comes down to how you feel," she explains. "There's so little we can control in this world, so I find great joy in finding control in the bedroom and with my body." The ribbon, she elaborates, symbolizes integrity, style, and pleasure.

Every Her Ribbon is made from excess fabrics sourced from Paris with trimming from local drugstores, and each is infused with the brand's signature scent, which is top-secret, at least for now (Lee teases that "you'll hear about [the scent] later this year"). If that doesn't sound enticing enough, the reusable box that encases the Her Ribbon "looks like a love letter — something you'll want to reuse to store totems, secret notes, or even sex toys," Lee says.

And the ways that one can wear this ribbon in their hair are, no pun intended, boundless. Tie it like a bow atop your head and present yourself as a gift to the world, or tie it around the base of a ponytail and let it trail gracefully down your back like a train. You can even take a page from Lee's book and incorporate it into a braid for a "sweet-yet-edgy" look. She's also got a tip for those with short hair: "I love wearing it as a headband because I recently cut my hair to shoulder length; you can have your hair up on the streets and then, in the sheets, pull it down and use it as a blindfold."

However you choose to put the Her Ribbon's versatility to use, Lee just hopes it helps you connect with yourself and your body, just as creating it did for her. "Every single day, I had the opportunity to talk about my own experience, listen to other women's experience, and navigate our personal lives together [while creating the ribbon]," Lee moons. "It is inherently a vulnerable thing to do, which is so radical in any environment — especially at work."

Lee's hope is to foster a community where women feel safe and open discussing sex and sexuality — Her Ribbon is only one of the first steps to achieving that. "Her Place will expand, serving her body, her sex life, and womankind." And if this one accessory is anything to go by, that vision will quickly become a reality.

The Her Place Her Ribbon, $124, is available exclusively from Beverly's New York City. Learn more at 

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