The right hand care: So treat dry and cracked skin

The less we strive to care for our hands, the dry and rough skin, especially at the Places subjected to a lot strong. At the latest when the ankles are reddened on the fingers or the skin around it tearing, you should act. Because dry hands not only look unkempt, but can also cause pain. Add to this, that bacteria have an easy game, if your back of the hand or inner surfaces, small cracks. Therefore, it is advisable for the cleaning and care of the most important steps to adhere to. What the are, you will learn in this article.

That’s why our hands are so sensitive

Although our hands are used in everyday life is particularly strong, is back, the skin on the hand is extremely thin: it contains few sebaceous glands, and hardly any fat tissue. The inner surfaces have glands for that, a lot of sweat, but no sebaceous glands. As a result, the skin may dry out faster (and, unfortunately, aging), especially if the hands are washed several times a day with soap and water or be disinfected. But also external influences such as UV radiation, dry heating air, heat and cold attack the natural protective film of the skin to protect our hands normally from drying out.

So you wash and maintain your hands properly

Throughout the day our hands come distributed with many millions of germs: in the toilet, when shopping – even when you Press a door handle and computer keyboard. In order to protect ourselves and our fellow human beings (not only in times of Corona), it is important that you wash your hands regularly, for at least 20 seconds. The only way you can prevent transferring possible pathogens. So that your skin does not dry out too much, you should heed the following tips:

The right hand cream: you should pay attention to

Which hand cream is right for you depends on two factors: your skin type and the Season. They tend, for example, to dry skin, this one is particularly in need of care and should be regularly Creamed. Here is a rich product offering that your hands will provide sufficient moisture. They tend, however, to be sensitive and fast reizbarerer skin, you should use a hand cream with no fragrance or dyes. For normal skin type, however, is only important to know that the hands in the Winter need more care than in summer.

While nourishing ingredients like Urea or glycerin to make dry hands smoother, have ingredients such as Shea butter or even olive oil, a calming and regenerative effect on the skin. According Ökotest also many products health, however, contain substances of concern such as mineral oil based greases, waxes, or synthetic polymers. For this reason, recommends the use of the consumer portal in the first place the purchase of certified natural cosmeticsthat are free of hazardous hazardous substances such as PEG, paraffins and silicones. Furthermore, you should pay attention to the following points:

Check before buying, whether a hand cream, “Butylphenyl Methylpropional” contains – this is the fragrance material Lilial is classified as problematic.

The Same is true for the ingredients in “Paraffinum liquidum and Cera Microcristallina,” which are petroleum-based greases and waxes, can be contaminated according Ökotest with MOAH.

You can dispense with synthetic polymers-in-hand creams – awarded as acrylate and other Co – and cross-polymers, Carbomer, polyacrylamide, Polyquaternium-10.

Scrub, mask & Co: for more tips on hand care

For regular care of your hands not only hand creams, but also hand scrubs, hand baths, and hand masks are. To do this, proceed as follows:

Hand scrub
A regular exfoliation can help to improve the blood circulation of your hands. This has a significant impact on your skin: the worse the circulation is, the more dry and chapped your hands. Another positive side effect of hand scrubs that remove dead skin particles – however, you should irritate the skin only slightly. This is made possible for example by means of a homemade scrub consisting of olive oil and sugar or salt. Massage your hands with it and wash the Rest then.

Hand bath
A soothing bath is also in the hands of a treat. For this purpose, there are special products from the drugstore, Department for hand care, you can get the hand bath but with the natural ingredients to produce: Take warm milk and mix it with a little olive oil. You dip your hands into the mixture and leave the bathroom for ten minutes on the skin to soak – this makes them soft and supple.

Hand mask
Similar to a face mask it is a mask, the task of a hand to provide your hands with moisture and maintain you at the same time. It can be applied both in the daytime as well as overnight – in the case, however, it is recommended to put cotton gloves over the hands so that the cream absorbs in your skin and not your sheets. As a hand mask is suitable for both ordinary hand cream, alternatively, you can also use moisturizing gloves for dry hands or ready-to-hand masks to use. Or you rely on food that have a moisturizing effect on the skin, such as: Avocado, cottage cheese and eggs. Combine all of the ingredients and creams to your hands. Then leave the mask for 15 to 30 minutes before you rinse off the residue with lukewarm water.

And one final tip: For regular hand care of the finger nails, especially the cuticles. A creams the nail approach is always with, so that they can dry out and break down. This looks ugly and may ignite in the worst case, even. Therefore, nail care should be in the hands of care always included.

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