Tessa Thompson's "Thor: Ragnarok" Wig Came With a Jaw-Dropping Price Tag

There's a reason Hollywood doesn't use the same kind of wigs you buy at Ricky's with your Halloween costume: Those bargain buys look even crappier on film than they do in person. And besides, with multimillion-dollar budgets, production companies can afford to drop a few hundred bucks on wigs that look flawless on their stars. But a few thousand? Even $10,000? It sounds crazy, but that's how much Disney reportedly spent on the hair you see atop Tessa Thompson's head in Thor: Ragnarok.

In an interview with HuffPost, writer and director Boots Riley explains that last summer, Thompson was simultaneously filming scenes for his movie, Sorry to Bother You, and reshoots for Thor: Ragnarok. Her Sorry to Bother You character sports a curly, multicolored lob, which just so happens to be her own hair, according to a Refinery29 interview with the film's hair department head, Antoinette Yoka. They felt free to bleach and dye Thompson's hair because principal production of Thor: Ragnarok had wrapped nearly a year earlier.


Given that they needed Thompson's hair to look like it did when she initially filmed scenes as Valkyrie — long, dark, wavy, and often twisted into a braided half-bun — Disney (Marvel's parent company) reluctantly shelled out an incredible $10,000 for a super-high-quality wig that wouldn't make viewers think, "Yo, what the hell is going on with her hair?"

Riley felt so guilty about more or less causing the reason Disney had to buy a $10,000 wig that he actually apologized to Thor: Ragnarok director, Taika Waititi. But even though the finance folks at Disney were reportedly pissed, Waititi couldn't have cared less. "He was like, 'It’s not my money!'" Riley told HuffPost. And considering $10,000 is a mere 0.006 percent of Thor: Ragnarok's budget — and also considering some celebrities spend around $6,000 for their own extensions — it was arguably worth it. Thompson looks incredible in both movies.

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