Researchers are developing a second skin – a spray-on layer of protection holds even in the shower

A Patient suffering from extensive burns to Arm and Hand. People with such injuries can be a new method has helped here in the Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv. Professor Josef Haik, using a spray gun with a polymer layer to cover the wound. Avi Rottenberg wounds are well healed. The electrician was burned in October 2018. Two Times a day were changed at that time, the wound dressings – a painful procedure. When he couldn’t stand it, he got by way of experiment, with the textile care method, a polymer layer is missed. “I am very satisfied, it saved me really a lot of pain during the dressing change, the Places are healed well, because they were not open constant.” Professor Haik is not only a surgeon, but also an Advisor to the Israeli company nano-medic that has developed a spin care. “By closing the wound, we can reduce the pain and strengthen the wound healing. With this method, we are able to mimic the top layer of human skin. The surface is closed, and including, the body can heal itself.” Time-saving, the method and the apparatus is quite easy to use. The thin layer to allow the Patient to move, also can be in the shower from the second day after Application of the layer, ideally the technique should also be for children. Dr. Chen Barak is managing Director of the company and is aware of the possibilities of this method. “At the Moment we use the standard cartridge, which contains a polymer solution. We have, however, recognized that the solution can function as a vehicle. So, we can also use ampoules with anti-bacterial or collagen-containing components, might contain the sometime even human cells.” Nine of the devices were provided to hospitals in Israel and Europe for testing purposes. The hospitals report to the developers with your experience – so the product can be improved and the needs of the clinic everyday adapted. The market launch is planned for the middle of this year.