OK, Is Florence Pugh's Hair Red or Not?

It's been a fun year for hair color, as shown by the warm copper hues that have been all over TikTok and the "expensive brown" found on your favorite celebrities. Switching up your hair color with subtle highlights or vibrant hue is a fun way of bringing new life to your hairstyles, and English actor Florence Pugh definitely knows a thing or two about that. Toward the end of October, the Midsommar star traded her medium-length blonde hair for a short brown haircut, and now she's back with a brand-new color: red. 

On November 23, Pugh debuted the new hair color in an Instagram post with the fiery red hue. It's a gorgeous scarlet hue that suits the Marvel star well. This red shade looks fairly deep, so it's not too bright. Her short hair was styled simply with a part on the side (Millenials are winning this round of the hair-parting wars!). She paired the red hair with a matching red lip that suits her black-and-white outfit well. 

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But this red hair color might have been short-lived because in an Instagram story from November 24, her short hair was back to honey-colored brown once again. There's no way of knowing what happened. Maybe the Instagram photo was an old photo that she wanted to share with her fans, or perhaps the red hair color was the work of a great temporary dye like Overtone's Red for Brown Hair Coloring Conditioner? Or a wig?

Regardless, we love to see the actor having fun with color and can only imagine what she does with her hair next. In addition to her brown hair, she has also had bright blonde hair and even flirted with purple-dyed tips once. Maybe next time she'll try another warm color like orange or dip back into the cooler colors with a vibrant cobalt blue. Only time will tell. 

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