Mauve Champagne Is the Unexpected New Hair Color to Try This Fall

With fall officially here, it's time to break out some bubbly in honor of being able to walk outside without feeling a bead of sweat drip down our backs. Feel free to grab a bottle of champagne, but we have another idea: You can give your hair color a transformation that pays homage to the sparkly stuff. Mauve champagne hair is the latest food-inspired color trend that's piqued our interest.

Unlike last fall's popular champagne bronde, mauve champagne is a take on blonde balayage from Arizona-based hairstylist Tara Nicole. With a custom mauve-toned formula, mauve champagne looks different depending upon how the light hits it — just like a holographic highlighter. Sometimes it looks like the perfect golden champagne blonde; others, it's like a metallic mauve. You can even spot it looking silvery or peachy, too.

To create this magical look, Tara Nicole started off by giving her client a full head of babylights, which are fine, natural-looking highlights. She had naturally dirty blonde hair, so Tara Nicole was able to lift it to a platinum blonde with just one process. If your hair is already light or was recently bleached, you're an excellent candidate for mauve champagne hair.

"The best thing about mauve champagne hair is it will fade back to a gorgeous blonde," she says. Reason being? As she brushed on the babylights, Tara Nicole made sure to avoid her client's roots. This ensures the growing-out process is more seamless and lower maintenance. Plus, it creates a natural "shadow root" effect, which gives the look depth.

Next, Tara Nicole whipped up a custom mauve hue with ash-gray and violet dyes from the new Pulp Riot Faction8 line, as well as a rose-gold toner. Then she toned her client's babylights with it for 25 minutes.

Although this process is seemingly quick and simple, "These lighter metallic and silver colors can be very high-maintenance and require upkeep," Tara Nicole says. "Getting hair light enough can be quite a challenge if any permanent pigment has been put onto the hair in the past." With that in mind, those with dark or rainbow hair most likely aren't the best suited for a mauve champagne hue. If you're already blonde, however, Tara Nicole recommends seeing a color specialist if you're interested in trying out the look. They'll be able to best determine if your hair is ready for a bubbly-inspired blonde moment.

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