Ladies beard removal – the best tips for smooth skin

Also if the facial hair in women is something completely Natural, is felt by many of you ladies beard as unpleasant: Say, scattered hairs, which are much darker than the usual fluff on their cheeks, chin and upper lip – and thus clearly visible. This, in turn, is Concerned is often a aesthetic Problemfor you, especially in Public, to be ashamed of. As to the unpleasant beard growth can come and what are the tips of a women’s beard is easily removed , here is we explain to you here.

Why get a women to have a Mustache?

That normally only men grow a Beard, has a good reason – and is in her genes: the male sex hormones, including androgens called. The most Famous among them is the testosterone, which among other things for hair growth is responsible. Women produce this hormone too, but in such small quantities that it usually grew no impact on the hair. However, significantly more male hormones, the affected woman with a Mustache. In the jargon, is the hormonal imbalance also hirsutism called, under the nearly four million women suffer from it.

Unfortunately, this is not the only reason that can lead to increased hair growth on the face. One of the most common causes for a women’s beard in addition, the Overproduction of testosterone, the following:

So, you can remove a Mustache

1. Shave

The simplest and cheapest approach, a women’s beard to remove, is as follows: Shave him. However, this method has a drawback: The hairs grow back quickly and leave – as is the Shaving of the legs – a stoppeliges feeling on the skin, not like many of the women are so fond of. For this reason, you should consider well in advance whether this method is right for you. In the case you can use a razor that has been specifically developed to Remove mustache hair.
The electric shaver there is.

2. Pluck

Individual hairs on the upper lip can be removed with a pair of tweezers

If only a few individual hairs on the upper lip, is a shaving, unnecessary. Who is it still visually disturbed feels the tweezers to grab. The tweeze is not painless, but simple and inexpensive. However, this method also has a drawback: The hairs grow back relatively quickly.
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3. Epilating

Similar to plucking with tweezers, the ladies, the beard hairs are pulled out when you Epilate with a root from the skin. This not only sounds unpleasant, but it is most of the time. For the upper lip but also – in the case of a successful application for up to three weeks smooth. Unfortunately, the danger that the fine hairs cancel during the treatment, to the extent that you need to do this carefully and thoroughly is also here. Best suitable for ladies ‘ beard are facial hair epilator: It is a spiral, so bends that form a loop. The resulting center is moved over the desired area of skin again and again, back and forth.
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4. Wax and sugar paste

With hot wax or a sugar paste of the ladies beard can be removed

Anyone who has ever had the legs grow, do not know how effective, but also painful – this treatment can be. But it is for the torment rewards: up to four weeks, the skin remains smooth and supple. Regardless of where the hairs were removed. For this reason, the mustache using wax or sugar paste can be removed. Assuming that the hairs are at least three millimeters long. Otherwise, the roots of the hair, by the sudden removal of the non-woven strip is not removed, and grow happily. In addition, you should know that sensitive skin is quite irritated on the Waxing and Sugaring can react – in which case, you should prefer to in the professional hands of a beautician issued.
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5. Bleach

If you disturb the tiny hairs on the upper lip, but not (yet) willing, to remove this, there is a more gentle method: the Bleachen. For this you need a special Paste to hydrogen peroxide base, which you to the ladies beard, apply and leave in for a moment – here, too, you should contact the recommended time on the package insert and hold. The bleach causes the pesky hairs the color of deprived and thus pale. The advantage of this is that you ladies stands out beard less to the eye, the facial hair is still the same. Add to this that the bleaching process after one to two weeks repeat need. A cheap, pain-free method if you only want to lighten a few hairs.
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6. Hair removal cream

Depilatory cream is a popular means to get rid of the ladies beard

A classic for the Removal of irritating hairs, is cream hair removal. In contrast to the other methods is totally pain free – that is, the sulfur-like smell at all pleasant in the nose. Add to that her face through the cream irritated could be, if you do not remember the exact exposure time keep. Unpleasant skin irritation would be the result. The application is very easy.
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