Chris Evans Has Been Secretly Covered in Tattoos This Whole Time

Captain America, also known as America's Boyfriend, also known as Chris Evans has apparently been keeping some major secrets from us. And by "secrets," I mean a plethora of tattoos that no one had any idea existed. On October 6, the actor posted an Instagram story showing himself backflipping into a pool, presumably in his own backyard. Bare-torso-induced thirst aside, the internet (myself included) had only one thought: "Um, since when was this dude totally covered in tattoos?"

Take it from someone whose obsession with Marvel movies is probably unhealthy. Until now, fans had only really seen a handful of Evans's tattoos: an Eckhart Tolle quote across his collar bone, a late friend's name written in script on his side, and a bull's head on a shoulder. There are a couple of others that people know about but have barely seen, too, like the eagle on his chest. 

Still, I did a full-on spit take at the realization that Evans has upwards of six torso tattoos that no one ever knew about (and then rewound the video dozens of times to make sure I wasn't imagining them, of course). Unfortunately, he's stood far enough away from the camera that those new tattoos are mostly indiscernible, except for a branch that extends all the way from his left hip and upward toward his armpit.

I'm not the only one shocked by this revelation — recordings and screenshots of the actor's cheeky backflip are naturally making the rounds on Twitter, and not just because he's half-naked and very nice to look at. These mysterious new tattoos, some of which he could have been hiding for years, are really revving people's engines (again: myself included).

Will Evans ever grant us with a full-on tattoo reveal? I'm willing to bet not, but we can hold out hope. In the meantime, I'll be over here, looking… respectfully… at this video.

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