Beauty: cosmetics with a lemon

Mad sch&ouml power;n – by scent and ingredients, lemons for skin care Hit. Zusäadditional Plus in the summer: the soft effect

Fruity Beauty-helper: lemons eliminate Verfärbungen

Hardly any other fruit versprüht is so much Fresh and makes such a good ­Mood is like the lemon. "It is ex­extremely positive belegt", Johanna says Wunderlich-Cuomo, Kosmeti­kerin and Ernährungsberate­rin in a MüMunich pharmacy. "Because of their color. And because we connect you with health." In the summer of lässt lemon us think of refreshing Drinks, in the Winter, we associate it häoften with vitamins and Erkäswitching defenses.

Fruity for pimples

But also in terms of Schöbeauty it has to offer, the fruit. Vitamin C, Zitronensäure or the äfour thousand five Öl found in many skin care products. There are even Models that lemon pure schwören. With the juice you wash in the morning, the face: The Säure wür­de the pores klären, pimples dry out and the complexion. Beautician Johanna Wunderlich-­Cuomo rät however, at least for women with sensitive skin.

Zitronensäure disinfects and inhibits Entzündungen

Right, but the lemon contained S&auml is that;ure the skin tatsäactually klärt, your drains so fat and the uppermost Horny layer of soft power. "Lemon also acts as a disinfectant and entzündungshemmend", the expert says.

Such effects are für creams, masks or Gesichts­tonics for the care of impure and greasy skin. Fruchtsäureprodukte, such as, for example, scrubs, ridding the skin of dead cells. But most of the time is in the Prä­Pat lemon power not as the fruit pur, but in the Form of Ex­­wings or synthetic replicas of the natünatural fruit substances.

The Anti-Aging Vitamin

The f&uuml is;r the in the citrus fruit has abundant Vitamin C. The substance is one of the most popular Radikalfäcustomizable, the in Anti-Aging products für makes the protection of the cells. In General, it is used in synthesized Form. The active principle know a lot of people from the Küche: A little lemon juice über cut Äapples geträufelt prevents them from turning brown.

In products to combat pigmentation spots and lemon extracts are used as well. Bleach-­Miracles should be expected, however, no one. And whimsical-Cuomo urges caution: "It tingles strongly on the skin and the Gefühl does not disappear spätesting after the Lotion, the Konzentra­tion of the active substance to high." Then rather of a beautician or Hautärztin advice and a more appropriate skin care search.

In the case of citrus care für the Köthe body is in the first line to ­­­­Refreshment. Whether in a shower gel, body lotion, bubble Bath or soap: The scent in the morning für Hello-Wake pulses, and allegedly also für a better blood circulation.

Citrus-Power für the toes

Lemon is also für long-lasting Freshness. Deodorants use the äessential Öle from the shells of the Frünot a big deal. They act mildly, neither the nat&uuml bind;natural sweat, verschließyou en the pores. Purists of lemon juice apply even under the armpits. You should not do but when freshly shaved or epilierter skin, stressed beautician Wunderlich-Cuomo.

This advice applies für all of the recipes from grandma’s treasure chest, in which the lemon is applied pure on the skin: for example, as a scrub, the häto make often a stressed-out lot on the elbows or knees soft.

Tips for Anrüdo

  • Für clear complexion: A Teelöspoon of lemon juice, two Teelöspoon yogurt and a Eiweiß mix. With a brush apply to the face, eyes and lips uncovered. After 30 minutes, wash off.
  • For the Dehairing: A Cup of sugar, two Teelöspoon of water and two Teelöspoon lemon juice mix and Rüdo heat. Is the Flüreliability of thick, remove from heat. Abküselect the &quot, then;Sugar-­Wax" thick with a spatula, and the mass against the growth direction of the hair to pull it off.
  • To Relax: Let a few drops of Zitronenöl in an aroma lamp to evaporate, or you can mix a Massageöl – three to fünf drops to one hundred milliliters of Mandelöl.

The juice can Verf&auml also;r­bun­gen of Närules or Finger­kup­pen to lighten. And the Frükilled make müde Füße munter: The shells of 500 grams of Bio-decoction lemon and broth in heißgive it water; the juice of two lemons, a Teelöspoon salt and two Teelöffel Kokosöl into the mix and the erschöconnected Füße bathe in it.

Fruit instead of bleach

Für Blondschöpfe has mix expert Wunderlich-Cuomo yet another Retro Trick in store: 200 milliliters of lemon juice with 100 milliliters of water, and on damp hair sprühen, good distribute and für about an hour in the sun. The has a slightly bleaching effect. Anschließend the hair a good wash and a nourishing Spülung use.

Are straining the hair very much, prefer the milder variant wächoose a Shampoo with Zitronenex­tract, the the cuticle layer glättet and maintains.

Push für digestion

However, the yellow Früchtchen serve the Schöintegrity not only of außen. "In the morning, a glass of heißit is water with lemon drink that provides instant energy and stimulates the digestive an", so Wunderlich-Cuomo.

And as a room fragrance evaporates or versprüht, the äessential Öle on our Seelen­life. The aromas through the nasal mucosa into the limbic System – so in the part of the ­Brain, in the Gefühlswelt home. "Zitronenöl revived, föpromotes concentration and lightens the mood auf", erklärt Wunderlich-­Cuomo. They are lamps, not a Fan of fragrance? Alternatively, versprühen you täresembled a good mood üabout a Parfüm with Zitrus­notes.

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