Ariana Grande's Lavender Hair Is Our Favorite Color Yet

And just like that, Ariana Grande has changed up her hair again. This time around, the "God Is a Woman" singer took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal a light purple hue, a slight change from the icy blue Chris Appleton creation she debuted earlier this week. She captioned the photo simply "lavender," and showed off a set of nails painted in the same shade. The look was created by stylist Josh Liu, who referred to it as "lavender dreams" in a post on his own account.

If you're loving Grande's new look, you're apparently not alone: The singer's fiancé, Pete Davidson, expressed his adoration by leaving five purple heart emojis in the comments section of her post, as one does.

While the inspiration behind Grande's new hue is still up for speculation, it's impossible not notice that it looks notably similar to the color scheme in her latest music video for her single "God Is a Woman." Perhaps some of that purple body paint bled into her hair, and she liked the way it looked so much that she decided to make it permanent? Just a guess.

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In terms of hair (and, well, everything else in her life, actually), 2018 has already been a big year for Grande. She surprised fans in May when she traded her usual chestnut strands for platinum ones, and lowered her signature high ponytail to the nape of her neck. Then, she let her blonde hair completely down on the covers of Vogue and Elle before starting to experiment with more adventurous colors of the rainbow.

While the singer has a tendency to stick with some variation of brown/blonde/bronde, this isn't the first time she's gotten a bit more creative with her color. Back in Grande's Disney days, she was known to rock a fiery red, and she tested out a purple-gray shade similar to her current one in October of last year. We can't wait to see what she tries next.

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