Why tastes like asparagus, sometimes so bitter, and that is unhealthy?

Asparagus not only tastes good, it is also very healthy: Since it consists of more than 90 percent water, it contains hardly any calories, but vitamins and nutrients – such as B-vitamins such as folic acid. Green asparagus is in comparison to his white twin even a little healthier because it is rich in Vitamin C and beta-carotene.

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Connoisseurs will appreciate the asparagus, mainly because of its subtle and special taste. For sulfur-containing substances. Also a slight bitter note is one of them. Who doesn’t like this, can be the attenuate naturally contained substances with a pinch of sugar in the boiling water.

However, it may also happen that asparagus tastes very bitter. In part, the grade is so extreme that the rods are fit for human consumption. What is the reason? And that is unhealthy?

“Bitter asparagus is not toxic,” notes Susanne Moritz, nutrition clearly an expert at the verbraucherzentrale Bayern in a message. “Most of the time he was stabbed close to the root stock in which the put bitter substances.”

The harvesting of asparagus is by no means simple and requires a lot of experience. The rhizomes, not least. They grow every year, a couple of inches to the top. Asparagus fields are cultivated for several years in a row, must be increased in the dams is always something. This does not happen, will cut the asparagus may be too close to the root stock and taste this bitter, it means more.

First aid against the bitter substances in asparagus

The weather also plays a role. It is fickle and follows heat to cold, also can let the asparagus bitter.

The good news is that consumers have it is a piece of far-even in the Hand, how bitter of the asparagus tastes on the plate later on. But this requires a bit of work. Because the bitter substances are stuck mainly in the shell and the lower end, should asparagus be well capped cleaned and the bottom generously. Then nothing more to enjoy.

Source: Verbraucherzentrale Bayern

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