Why in Esslingen is now a small dog works in the hospital

To the dogs: In a clinic In Esslingen has been used for some months a therapy dog for the treatment of patients with success. The little poodle Milo is in July 2018, a day in the week on the Adult ward for Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy in the service.

In a press release, the hospital stated that the therapy options with the four-legged friend is to be further expanded. Milo, who came in February of 2017 to the world, and a shoulder height of 40 inches, is used to contact hard-to-reach patients.

Therapy dogs have a “supporting effect”, but not treat yourself

The term “therapy dog” can lead to misinterpretation. Of course, the four-legged friend does not direct itself the therapy but is used as a support. So the dog has to clinic information is a “supporting effect on self-worth issues, stress, aggression potential, drive, and emotions”. Psychological crises could be overcome thanks to the use of the poodle faster.

Dog handler and Doctor Christiane Kauffmann-Schneider takes care of the use of the dog. As you said the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”, could dogs read the body language of the people. When you Pet the poodle for proof to come to the distribution of the “binding hormomen” – a positive feeling both for the animal as well as for the patient. The dog could then serve people with traumatic experiences in relationships with other people, as a bridge.

Therapy dog Milo – even suitable for Allergy sufferers

Even for Allergy sufferers, contact with four-legged friend Milo is not a problem. As the hospital explained, it is shorn of the fur in summer short, in Winter it was long and fluffy. Since the animal doesn’t shed but need to make Allergy-no Worries. Nevertheless, according to the chief doctor of the clinic to the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”, each patient whether he would like to spend time with the dog.

Sources: “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” / Klinikum Esslingen