Who has never had a seizure or was sick, let him first cast a stone!

“Merkel-Shock!”, the headline of Germany’s most prominent tabloid, because the Chancellor yesterday during the national anthem at the state reception for the Ukrainian President by a “mysterious Tremors” is entered (the star reported). We learned all sorts of Speculative: As shortly as you stand in front of the collapse, what is said is not treating Physicians, and that the Ukrainian Ambassador prayed for you. Drama, Drama. The intention behind the pretend concern to Angela Merkel, was probably this: In all of our minds a doubt should be on the question of sown, whether it is still strong enough for the office.

Some of the media are relentless with those who stand in the light of the Public, and also just sick, as are we all. Recently, the news anchor Jan Hofer in the Declaration of distress was, after he promised during the Live broadcast of the daily show more often and, at times, apathetic worked. He might have tolerated a flu medication bad, he said later. Also, Angela Merkel said her bout of weakness later, at a press conference with a joke: you have three glasses of water to drink, which I obviously missed. Possible. Could also be something else. We do not know, and that is a good thing.

Disease and awareness is not fit for many

After all, who is constantly in the Public eye, must not be sick. This is an iron law. Each migraine attack, every harmless stomach upset can trigger the knee-jerk question: is he or it? Finally, many lusting for years after that, to take the helm. Than 20 years ago, the former Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Johannes Rau was a candidate for the office of the Federal President, questioned the political opponents of his Amtstauglichkeit to, because of his abdominal aorta is a pathological Aneurysm, a so-called aneurysm, was located. The findings should better have been a doctor geheinmis, instead of right in the middle of the political mudslinging. Rough projection because of his four years in office as Federal President known to be without any major health problems.

A few years ago I spoke with a member of the management Board of the German Diabetes-aid about the Image Problem of the people’s disease, way, suffers in the estimation of every ten in this country. Of course, many celebrities with Diabetes were the patients ‘ organisation known actors, politicians, group leaders, presenters. The Problem was: Nobody wanted to openly admit and of the disease in the poster campaigns of his face available. After all, who has Diabetes, may fall in bad medical setting, even into a coma. No one in the Public, want others to know of this only a theoretical risk. Unfortunately, the fear is justified, only that it could be as a sign of weakness. On the same evening event, the Diabetes Blogger Bastian Hauck occurred of Diabetes, specified as single-handed sailors alone the world’s oceans and traveled – with type 1 a day, regular meals and his Insulin syringes. He led before the eyes of all, what you can achieve in spite of chronic illness in life. Daily diabetics as a surgeon on the surgical stand table, you judge judgments, in some countries (currently not in Germany) they may even fly as a professional pilot passengers. But don’t you stand in front of the camera!

We need a more relaxed relationship with it, that people are now more often acute and often chronically ill – and yet even these are suitable to direct a state. Especially if you let the Chancellor out of a bout of weakness is not the same of course. Your strength is worthy of admiration.