Who expresses his feelings, drink more alcohol

To smile staff, the need to force permanently during the day, in front of customers, and to hide anger, drinking, new study results according to the work of more alcohol. Who controls all the day long, his emotions may have in the evening, less power for the self-control.

A team of researchers from Penn State University and the University of Buffalo in the United States under the drinking was looking for habits of people who work with customers, patients or students. They found that these people drank after work, more alcohol than others. "The more negative emotions need to control employees at work, the less you can your alcohol consumption after work kontrollieren", Alicia Grandey, a Professor of psychology at Penn State University says.

Especially pronounced is the Drink in people with impulsive character, or persons, to whom was given the behavior at work. Grandey suggested that this requires suppressing of emotions, a lot of self-control. Later, the employees may have a lot of self-control to regulate how much alcohol you drink.

The results also indicate that the professional caused by suppressing emotions less problems, if the work is rewarded to the employees, whether it is through the gratitude of the patient, or by a tip from the customer. "Nurses, for example, try to comfort a patient or a strong relationship. Emotions for a client to fake that you never see again, on the other hand is perhaps not as rewarding, and ultimately more burdensome or fordernder", so Grandey.