What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Online Dating Style

Discussing your date's zodiac sign is an excellent icebreaker, but what is each sign actually like while online dating? Now that apps like Tinder have become commonplace as ways to meet people, finding a mate on the Internet has lost a lot of its stigma. However, we each have our own dating personalities — and a lot of how we handle ourselves romantically is written in the stars.

To score a first date with some signs (say, a Pisces) you might have to wait a few days before you hear anything, while other signs, such as Virgo, will message back so diligently you'll wonder if they have a personal assistant. Some signs, such as Scorpios, Geminis, and Libras, may present a different version of themselves online than the person you ultimately fall in love with. A few may shout their zodiac sign from the top of their profile (Leos) while others (Capricorns) may be turned off if you try to engage in astrology talk.

So, how does your sign date online, and what should you know about your potential mates? Read on to learn how people date on the Internet according to their zodiac sign.

Aries are the infants of the zodiac, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're childish. However, like children, they know what they want and tend to be direct about it. If they want you to buy them new lingerie, they'll order you to do so. When it comes to online dating, an Aries profile is likely to state directly what they're looking for. If an Aries has just been heartbroken or is in need of a good scam to get back their primary partner's attention, they'll have no shame in hitting up a Tinder match for a booty call. While someone else, say a water sign, might be sneaky about it, an Aries will be firey and direct.

When an Aries sees someone they actually like online and wants to date, that same passion may cause them to become obsessive in their desire to get together with their match. An Aries may create an entire perfect partner in their heads based upon a few hot photos and a clever username. Headstrong rams, Aries are good at getting what they want, so they tend to be successful in their dating (and swiping). However, the same intense nature that can be so attractive to their matches may be the downfall of a relationship if an Aries gets moody and shows their temper too early. And, for the record, Aries are extremely good at taking selfies, tend to be highly photogenic, and will have a dope ass online profile.

Taurus love nice things, such as picnics with wine and cheese in the park, or better yet, being taken shopping. While online dating, a Taurus likely wants to feel pursued, like you've paid attention to the details they mentioned on their profile — so put a little thought into everything you say, from your very first message. They want a little effort to show that you're actually interested in them. However, though they enjoy effort from others, the sign is often described as lazy, and while they can be, don't confuse laziness for disinterest. A Taurus just may expect for their online matches to be the ones in charge of planning dates and stubbornly expect them to do a perfect job at it. And yes, they may quite possibly be stoned, swiping from their couch surrounded by snacks.

Taurus is a fixed sign, which plays into their stubborn nature. If they meet someone online that they like, they'll plow forward in the relationship, texting and messaging constantly on every platform. If that new person is into them, this can mean a healthy and exciting new relationship with secure attachments. However, if a Taurus goes on a few dates with someone and is really into them but that person isn't looking for anything serious, the sign can be infuriatingly difficult to get rid of. Don't let a laid-back Taurus nature fool you — while yes, they are chill, Taurus can be kinky AF. They may not advertise this on their profile, though. It takes time to get to know their true nature.

Gemini is the twins of the zodiac, and in their online profile, they may present one face, only for the other to be revealed later. For instance, a Gemini's Tinder profile may show a creative, mysterious, and independent persona that is highly attractive — and likely, highly curated. A Gemini will present what they view to be their most attractive side on an online profile. If they decide to spend more than a night with you, gradually, you'll begin to see their other side.

Geminis are huge flirts, so they'll spend a lot of time on their phone flipping through potential suitors. They also love having a ton going on at once, so even if they don't identify as poly, while in dating mode, they're likely seeing multiple people and booking several dates a week. If they're in a relationship but having doubts, they may sneak back on OkCupid or Bumble to see what else is out there. Geminis are often called two-faced and therefore dismissed as poor romantic partners. In reality, as part of their twin nature, Geminis are always looking for their other half. Once they find theirs, they show how multi-dimensional they are.

Cancer is symbolized as the crab, and these side-stepping creatures indeed use their protective shell while online dating. They may change the spelling of their name or lie about their age — not to be sneaky, but to help build a wall of protection between themselves and the outside world. If you see someone who has a Tinder profile that isn't even fully filled out, they might be a Cancer.

While water sign Cancer is ruled by the moon and associated with home and family, they have a wild side. The first few dates with a Cancer may involve copious amounts of alcohol or very long hours. If they see you as something casual, good luck getting past that shell. Even if they fall for you, while they may crave the love of a long-term relationship, it can still be hard for these crabs to let their guard down. Like real-life crabs that shuttle back and forth, in dating, a Cancer can often change their mind. They may go from messaging you non-stop about future plans to ghosting or warning you that they're not looking for "anything serious," only to do another 180 the next day. Interesting fact: a Cancer likely has a photo of their dog in their online profile. Despite their emotional complexities (or perhaps, because of them), when they fall in love, Cancers are fiercely loyal partners, more than willing to use their claws to protect you.

A Leo is a beautiful lion and they know it. My astrologer friend jokes that you can always tell if someone is a Leo because they will tell you right off the bat. So there's a good chance that a Leo will put "Leo" (along with the lion emoji) in their OkCupid or Tinder profile. A Leo makes a charming and grand impression on all of their matches, regardless of their own interest level.

They might want a one night stand or they might see you as a potential mate, but with these lions, you won't know until they've made up their mind. Leos like the spotlight and they like to be in control, and when it comes to online dating, they'll be the ones leading the conversation and the relationship. They also love attention so much they will probably swipe right on literally everyone just to have as many matches as possible. While they are attracted to other bright and shiny people, if they feel their potential partner has more star power than they do, they may just eat you for dinner or retreat back to the caves.

Virgos are known for being insanely analytical. While a Leo can whip out a perfect online profile in five minutes, a Virgo takes their god damn time. Their photos are edited. They ask friends for input. There is a good chance that they read an article on do's and don't's of online dating profiles. Virgos are perfectionists and hate rejection, so they will keep track and notice if they swipe on someone but it's not a match. If you do match and go out with a Virgo, make sure to be on time, as they loathe tardiness. And if a Virgo goes out on a date with someone with a wrinkled outfit or a dirty apartment, they will probably dip.

Virgos like things precise, so when it comes to relationship format, they are likely either highly monogamous or very polyamorous. If they are poly, they will have a clear sentence on their dating profile to make sure potential matches know about it. Due to their multi-tasking and coordination abilities, if it suits them, Virgos can be excellent at ethical non-monogamy. In fact, they probably have a spreadsheet of all their partners. Additionally, a Virgo always uses proper punctuation in their online dating profile, and if they do write in all lower case, it's an aesthetic choice and not a mistake.

Libras are masters at online dating. The Libra is represented by the scales and is the sign of relationships, so they prioritize online dating. If you're on a date with a Libra, they're probably swiping their way through dinner — they literally date while dating. Libras also like to flirt and know that they're good at it, so expect some top-notch flirting before, during, and after your date. However, they also like to balance more than one partner, so if you're messaging with a Libra, don't expect to be the only one unless you've clearly defined the relationship.

Despite being the sign of relationships (since they are represented by the scales), Libras can be a bit selfish in their dating and are prone to ghosting. But then again, we can all do that, so give them a chance. They may present a very put together and polished persona that doesn't need you or anyone else because they are so fabulous. But on the inside, little Libras just want love, so don't let the facade fool you.

Along with Geminis, Scorpios have somewhat of a bad reputation as of the "scary" signs. However, Scorpios absolutely love being scary, so they likely advertise their Zodiac sign loud and clear on their dating profile. The sign of sex and death, their profile is likely a bit goth and insanely hot. They want you to be obsessed with them and assume if someone swipes left, it's just because they're "too much."

Scorpios are an emotional water sign, so despite their scary front, they really want love. Yes, they want sex and may go through periods of enjoying single life in which they sleep with people without much care. However, it's all usually part of a quest to find their one true love. Even if their main photo is themselves in a cemetery and they spend the entire first date raving about how independent they are, if a Scorpio decided to match with you, it's likely they think there's a chance you're a soul mate. That being said, Scorpios usually think many people are soulmates throughout their lifetime.

The Sagittarius is represented by the archer, and with that bow and arrow comes a life-long quest for truth and exploration. While travel photos are an online dating cliche, if there's one sign that should actually use them, it's Sagittarius. Feel free to roll your eyes at other signs for using photo after photo of themselves on vacation, but if that person is a Sagittarius, it's actually really important to them.

Sagittarius enjoys travel beyond just globetrotting. They are highly intellectual, so they flirt by discussing politics or academia. However, don't let that fool you — Sags can also be the life of the party. If you start dating a Sagitarrius, get ready for all your friends to love them, too. While dating this sign, you have to be ready to give your partner a little freedom. A Sagittarius hates clingy people, but then again, they also love to be the center of attention, so their potential partners often struggle to find a balance of distance and contact to keep them interested.

Capricorns are represented by the devil in the tarot and these devilish sea goats can appear intimidating in their online profiles. That's because they're so business-minded and ambitious. They likely detail their career accomplishments in their bio and will strike up a conversation by asking you about your work, which can be off-putting to other signs, who find talking about career right off the bat a bit classist.

A Capricorn is probably looking for someone else to create a power couple. If they assume someone is lazy or doesn't value hard work, they probably won't swipe on them. However, that doesn't mean that these devils are only interested in money or status. They can be some of the most inspiring people — in fact, Michelle Obama is a Capricorn. However, one thing you likely won't find in their online profile is the fact that they are a Capricorn. Many Capricorns feel that they are poorly represented in astrology and that the whole thing is silly, which is honestly just so Capricorn. Just know that if your profile is covered in astrology memes they might not swipe on you.

An Aquarius appears as the black sheep of the zodiac. To paraphrase Jughead Jones, they don't fit in, and they don't want to fit in. An Aquarius will make a profile that shows how quirky they are, with photos of them in funky outfits, dancing around in the desert, or even in cosplay. Aquarians also seem to have a thing for correcting people, so they might point out a typo in your dating profile as a means of flirting with you.

Aquarians, the water-bearers, are often humanitarians and genuinely interested in saving the world. Their profile likely mentions causes that are important to them and they won't swipe on anyone they deem stupid or out of touch. While they can make riveting and exciting partners, while dating and especially during the early stages of online dating when getting to know someone, they could stand to do some meditation and grounding work to help them engage in one-on-one conversation and quit the daydreaming.

In astrology, Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, which means these shimmering fish are often very philosophical and wise. They might have kind eyes that draw their mates in the second they see their first photo on Tinder. The first impression a Pisces usually gives online is imaginative, creative, and alluring. However, these fish can also be a bit flaky, so be prepared to give them some slack.

If a Pisces cancels on you or needs to reschedule the first date, don't take it personally. They probably got stoned or got lost in a book and lost track of time. While this can be maddening, Pisces are caring and magnetic creatures: They will probably want to do something original on the first date, like go see a play or even to go to a sex party. And if they take a few days to message you back, it's truly not you, it's them. However, if you want to create a lasting relationship, perhaps you should get used to it.

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