Vertigo: special glasses help with proper diagnosis

Dizziness leads to balance disorders, falling, and Nausea. The treatment is complicated by the fact that there are very many types of vertigo with different root cause. With a special pair of glasses that measures the eye movements during a dizziness episode that can be diagnosed, the type of fraud.

After you have been explained the application of the special glasses used in 117 patients, the causes for their dizziness were already known, the glasses at home at the Moment, with a new attack. With the help of the glasses, which analyzed the eye movements of patients could be distinguished three diseases associated with dizziness, well.

"An accurate diagnosis is important to the dizziness as fast as possible, to effectively treat and können&quot stop;, Dr. Miriam S. Welgampola from the University of Sydney in Australia said. The observation of eye movements during a vertigo episode and could facilitate the diagnosis, however, passing this, not always, when patients are in the doctor’s office. The provision of a special pair of glasses, the eye movements can be recorded at home, could facilitate the diagnosis therefore.

In the study people took part, suffering from three diseases associated with dizziness: 43 you have Meniere’s disease, a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance. 67 a special Form of migraine headaches, the vertigo, without headache, and seven had the so-called paroxysmal positional vertigo in the head movements of a dizziness attack.

Now the results of the study appear in the journal Neurology should be checked, to larger groups of people.


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