Up to 35 degrees in the apartment: 8 tips on how you can go to sleep still good-Bay

Germany is sweating, even at night. And so many of you are currently struggling with sleep problems. Hans-Günter Blind, Director of the sleep center at the Palatine hospital and is a Board member of the German society for sleep research and sleep medicine, provides tips for a restful night.

Keep cool

The bedroom is best in the early morning air, during the day, close the Windows and blinds or curtains for privacy.

Warm drink

In the evening, no ice-cold drinks, but hot herbal tea to drink. So cooled mint tea has the perfect effect: It cools and relaxes our body – the perfect Good-night Drink. Then the body has to expend energy to bring the drink to body temperature.

Alcohol is taboo

Wine and beer omit: “alcohol has a direct effect on the heart and circulation”, says Blind. It provides an increased heat formation, so exactly what you don’t want to. “The sleep will be shallow, which suppresses deep sleep and it tends to be the nightmares.”

Lukewarm showers

At bedtime, a lukewarm wash. Is showering in the cold, the pores so the skin can make heat worse. Refreshing is it, the wrists, then hold under cold water.

Airy dress

Nightwear made of cotton, linen or silk (no synthetic!) two hours before bedtime in the fridge. Directly in front of the going to bed wear. Naked sleep is more unfavourable, says Blind – especially with the window open. Strips air on sweaty skin, threatening tension. At least a linen or cotton cloth, as a blanket is recommended.

Wet hanging

A wet bed sheet at the open window of the environment deprives evaporation heat. A damp cloth on the forehead cools the head.

Not shock freezing

Be careful with air conditioners or fans to be. Here, too, tension, or even a severe Cold threaten.

Stay Cool

Pressure is the enemy of sleep, says Blind. And: “Who wants to sleep, remains awake.” The more relaxed someone is, the thing gets, the easier it is to find peace.