TV chef makes advertising for light-machine against the Coronavirus – 15,000 Euro penalty

An Australian TV chef has been sentenced to a fine in the amount of the equivalent of 15,000 Euro, after advertising for a “light machine”, which is supposed to be able to in the treatment of Covid-19 help.


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The “BioCharger”, which looks like a cross between a kitchen blender and a lava lamp, contained “about a thousand different recipes, including some for the Wuhan-Coronavirus,” said TV chef Pete Evans in a Facebook live video.

The Australian approval body for therapy equipment (TGA), said that Evans’ claim was “manifestly unfounded”. Numerous viewers of the live streams have complained about his Speech. “Every claim in respect of Covid-19 is very worrying,” and criticised the TGA.

Doctors ‘ Association chief: “Stick to cooking, man.”

The Chairman of the Australian medical Association on Friday announced court welcomed the judgment and called on the Australians, the doubt, the advice of the celebrity liable to ignore the chef: “This ‘light-engine’ does nothing, except your wallet to make it easier,” warned Harry Nespolon. Evans turned, he added: “Stick to cooking, man.”

The “BioCharger” will be offered at a price of around 14,000 euros per piece. The manufacturer describes the device as “energy-revitalization-platform”.

Ridicule in the network the following prompt

In the network the derision was not long in coming: In the case of Twitter, one user wrote under the name of “Pandemic Pete Evans”, “FOLKS!” In this dangerous and uncertain times, I take pride in the BioCharger on the market – a very scientific-looking machine that makes stuff!”

TV chef Evans had noticed in the past on several occasions with questionable health tips. He recommends the stone age diet for the treatment of many diseases, keeps bone-broth is a good substitute for Baby milk powder and claims that fluoride in drinking water is toxic.

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