To 200,000 infections in the United States – more than in any other country in the world

US President, Donald Trump has the Americans because of the Corona epidemic in historically difficult times, and a dramatic number of victims in the near future, sworn. “The next two or three weeks will be among the most difficult we have had in this country ever,” said Trump in the White house. “We will lose thousands of people.” The White house feared, according to a forecast of between 100,000 and 240,000 Deaths in the United States by the Coronavirus, despite measures to contain it.


The USA have confirmed more cases than any other country in the world. The spread of the Coronavirus epidemic in the United States accelerated last dramatically. Thus, the number of known infections was exceeded as recently as last Friday, the mark of 100 000. Until then, around 1500 Deaths were reported. On Wednesday afternoon (local time) exceeded the number of confirmed infections the 200,000 mark – this absolute value is higher than in any other country in the world. The number of dead was more than 4360.

The values of the individual countries, due to the different Test levels and the expected high dark compare point only with difficulty. In addition, the comparison of absolute Numbers because of different population sizes is lagging. Calculated for 100 000 inhabitants in Germany there are more proven infections in the United States.


Trump was at the press conference on Tuesday evening at the White house in a foul mood, unlike last week, when he pretended to be the Watchword, the US should work until Easter Sunday, again largely as it was before the Virus. “I think this is absolutely possible,” he says at the time. He warned at the time, especially the consequences for the US economy. Retuned him to pay now, forecasts of the death, such as “world wars” (Trump) predictions.


Corona virus crisis in the United States

"It is not the flu, it is teuflisch": Trump is a swear U.S. population on two hard weeks

The conflict, the US President also made on Tuesday evening again clearly: There are people in his environment, pushing him to the United States to declare as “open for business” – that is, as open to do business with again. To which the experts in Coronavirus-working group of the White house: The co-ordinator and Doctor Deborah Birx, and the Director of the National Institute for infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci stand.


Birx, presented the forecast, with up to 240 000 dead on Tuesday evening at a press conference with Trump in Washington. You work on it, to keep the number low, stressed the Physician. The shocking bandwidth was in the range of the Possible. Fauci said on the question of a reporter whether Americans would have to adjust to 100 000 Dead: “The answer is Yes, so sobering that number is. We should be prepared for that.” He can’t continue to hope that this figure will become a reality.


New York’s Governor

Andrew Cuomo, the clear copywriter in the Corona-crisis – and acclaimed counter-proposal to Trump

Birx and Fauci are now across the country as voices of reason in the crisis. And even if Trump is not otherwise known as someone who gives a lot to scientists – in the case of the Corona-crisis, he will hear to you, such as the extension of the protection measures until the end of April. It was remarkable at the press conference on Tuesday night, how often he left the two experts to the Podium to give instead of yourself doubtful of the answers that were exactly the rowing of these two doctors in the past, then often back again.


Trump said in the White house, without measures to contain the Coronavirus had been feared, according to forecasts of between 1.5 and 2.2 million Deaths in the United States. He knew that the protective measures of his government would put the Americans in front of challenges. However, it should be a “matter of life and death”, to follow the guidelines. “We are at war with a deadly Virus,” said Trump, who is trying, in the meantime, regularly war comparisons. “There are things that happen in this country, as we have never experienced before.” US media draw comparisons with the Wars and disasters. The number of dead could surpass in the coming weeks and months, in the benign case, that of the fallen Americans in the Wars in Korea and Vietnam, writes about the “New York Times”.


Overburdened President

Corona debunked the Amateurs: this is how the Virus introduces Donald Trump just

Trumps change of Opinion may be due to the fact that he has, in the meantime, yourself friends with Covid-19-diseases in the hospital. He mentioned that every day, and he is visibly shocked. Nothing is left of previous trivialisation remained of Trumps tactics, as he tried, the dangers posed by the Virus to downplay. The comparisons with the flu, which he caught in the past week, at least for the Moment, a thing of the past. “It is not the flu,” he says now. “It’s malignant.”


Trump’s initial refusal, the danger posed by the novel Coronavirus seriously, has cost the United States valuable time – as well as the fact that the country came far too late with Tests in the track. However, Trump is still not ready, deficits in dealing with the crisis grant. On Tuesday night, he stressed again that the USA have now tested more people than any other country in the world. The question is why still not everyone who is in need of a Test, this also get, not he answered. In the process, Trump had already promised in front of more than three weeks of full-bodied: “Everyone who takes a Test gets a Test.”


In the centre of the epidemic in the United States, the state of New York continues to be. The Governor acknowledged in the fight against the Virus failures. “We have underestimated the Virus. It is stronger and more dangerous than we expected,” said Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday during his daily press conference. “I’m tired of it, the Virus run after. We were from the first day behind and needed to catch up – and so, you don’t win.” Alone in the metropolis of New York has around 1100 people have died already. The doctor, Craig Spencer said on Fox News that he had already worked in the middle of a war zone, and many experiences of those days reminded him of this fact. “This is a story from the Front line.” Spencer works in a New York emergency room, areas for Doctors without borders in a crisis, and Ebola has survived the disease.

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To 200,000 infections in the United States – more than in any other country in the world

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