Tips for families: pregnant in the holiday

A holiday trip is in the case of an uncomplicated pregnancy is not a Problem. It is important, however, that the journey and the destination is always medical help is accessible, and women for the case of emergency, know where the nearest maternity clinic is. What to look for yet, explains Dr. med. Christian Albring, President of the professional Association of women doctors.

The travel in the second Trimester is the according to experts, the least burdensome, for example, between the 13. and 30. Week. "In the first three months, many women struggle with Nausea and vomiting. Also, it is expected at the beginning of the pregnancy is always that bleeding occur to come to rest spontaneously to a standstill. It is better not to sein&quot then, especially in the holidays;, the woman doctor explained. "And in the last weeks of pregnancy, all the physical efforts, as well as prolonged Standing and long immovable Sitting on the ride or on the plane, will become increasingly difficult." Thrombosis avoid: In the case of travel over two hours to complete, should the Pregnant woman thinking of getting back to the legs to move, to get up and walk around, to thrombosis, to prevent. "Also, you should always take enough fluids and, if appropriate, also light support stockings tragen", recommends Albring. Anyone who has had a thrombosis, you should discuss the risk with the doctor. This may prescribe for a much-needed trip to a coagulation inhibitor.

Beware of heat and air: In the case of vacation in the mountains must be taken into account that with increasing altitude the oxygen content of the air decreases. "The Pregnant woman is short of breath and is exhausted very quickly. At the arrival and at the resort itself, the rule is, therefore, that per day the amount is more than 500 m difference should be. A height of about 2,500 m should a Pregnant also day trips erreichen", so the woman doctor. Exceptions can only be made if the woman lives already in the mountains, or experienced and trained in mountain athlete. It is the same with heat. An outside temperature of 30 degrees and above is not necessarily unhealthy, says Albring. "But the circuit makes then faster schnapp", so the gynecologist. "The hot time of day is best spent in the shade, also the women should drink enough, preferably water, herbal tea or diluted fruit juices." Exhausting it could be also, if you can’t sleep because of the heat at night. Risks of infection note: When traveling in hot countries the heat is problematic, but rather the risk of infection. Gastro-intestinal infections due to germ-contaminated food in southern countries, and the electrolyte and fluid loss could lead to by diarrhea and vomiting, especially in pregnancy quickly to Circulatory collapse. Also Hepatitis A can be transmitted by contaminated food; the vaccination protects against the onset of the infection. "This vaccine is for Pregnant women with a corresponding travel destination is very important, because in the case of Hepatitis A in the pregnancy the risk for Miscarriage increases, and stillbirths." Also, all of the standard vaccinations and booster vaccinations should be before pregnancy completely, so Albring. "Measles are found worldwide, as are whooping cough, diphtheria, chicken pox, rubella, regional TBE. It should be against all of these infectious diseases, adequate Vaccination. Vaccinations that contain live viruses, are also in the pregnancy is possible."

Tropical travel should be avoided by pregnant women: "Cholera, Malaria, typhoid, dengue fever, Zika – these are just some of the serious infections that occur in tropical regions, and the mother and child damage können", Albring says. Medications and mother’s passport take-away: Many Pregnant women assume that you are at your destination, your medications buy can, if you don’t Pack it in. "This is a Irrtum", Albring says. "For prescription medicines, it takes abroad a doctor’s prescription. In addition, drugs have abroad often have different names than in Germany, and can be complicated. It is better definitely, to obtain in a timely manner all Necessary in Germany, also mosquito repellent and disinfectant, and with a well-equipped travel pharmacy drive.

Also the mother’s passport should not stay at home. "If medical treatment is necessary, the Doctors of the important findings from this document holen", so Albring. Basically, the woman doctor or woman’s doctor should be informed shortly before departure and asked whether the planned trip is without risk. "This is usually the case. But if the cervix is already slightly open, or any other risks for premature birth exist, then one would have to think twice whether a trip is still possible." Then it would be very helpful if you have completed at the time of booking a trip cancellation insurance.


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