The myth of the summer flu: Why we catch cold, even in warm temperatures

The disease announces itself with a slight fever, neck scratching and uncomfortable to be. One to two days later, the runny nose followed by cough and running nose – the classic symptoms of a cold. However, in the summer, many people are irritated when you Wake up in the morning with the first signs of disease: you Can catch a cold in warm outdoor temperatures.

The answer is: Yes. The fall of apply and winter months, as a classic cold season, but also in the summer you can get infected with the annoying virus. Unlike the word “cold” suggests, there is no need to “cold” to be sick. “The cold plays only an indirect role. Much more important is it that a sufficient number of pathogens to find a suitable gap in the immune system of our body. This happens less often in the summer, but it’s still possible,” it says on the side of the “HKK health insurance”.

How strong are the defenses of the immune system and protection against disease pathogens, is affected by many different factors. We are supplied with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins? We have slept in the last days and weeks is sufficient and enough rest? We are stressed out may?

Cough, fever, and neck in the warm Season pain dealing “summer linguistic flu” is called. But the name is misleading, since pathogens in most cases an infection with the classical common Cold. The real flu makes a strong, sudden feeling of illness and a high fever. It is triggered by influenza virus, against which there are vaccines. Against the causative agents of the common cold – most are Rhino virus – you can, however, do not immunize. The speech is of a “flu” is usually a little stronger over the course of the end of the common cold.

Summer flu: of These factors, the cold risk affect

In the Winter viruses have an easy game: The cold and dry air makes it more stable. At the same time rule poor conditions for the “virus-host”, i.e. the people. The lung suffers from the cool air and is more susceptible to pathogens. Also, the immune system is weakened due to the lack of sunlight, the Vitamin D level drops.

This is not a Problem in the summer though. However, cool air-conditioning systems in buses, public buildings, trains, or aircraft to facilitate infection with common cold viruses. Although refrigeration does not automatically lead to a cold, but it weakens the immune system, making it easier for the virus in the body to spread. Also fans, or cool summer nights in short dresses have a cooling effect on the body – which increases the risk for a “summer flu”. How can I avoid this?

Summer flu prevention

In the Winter as in the summer is hands the best protection against disease is to wash pathogens – with the hands several times a day for 20 to 30 seconds with soap and water to clean. Also, contrast showers and a sauna can help prevent colds by strengthening the immune system of the body. In the summer, it is important to pay attention to cold – set-to-make train and flight attendant’s attention. Anyone planning to be out all day, you should pack it in for the cool evening hours, a thin jacket or a scarf.

And what to do if it has caught in spite of all the precautions? As well as in the Winter of the popular home remedies help then. This means drinking: lots of water, rest, inhale, and cough drops to suck – the best sugar-free.

Sources: HKK health insurance / Stiftung Warentest