The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline Will Reject Creepy Dudes For You

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to fend off a stage-five clinger, but fortunately there’s a new hotline that will help you reject dodgy dudes for you.

The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline.

Next time someone is harassing you for your digits, give them (646) 926-6614 (it’s a US number so try adding the international dialling code +1). They will reach a voice message that will say:

“Oh hello there. If you’re hearing this message, you’ve made a woman feel unsafe and/or disrespected. Please learn to take no for an answer and respect women’s emotional and physical autonomy. K THANKS.”

If they text the number, they will get sent the same message an hour later, giving you a bit of time to skedaddle.

Although this hotline is flipping hilarious, it’s incredibly frustrating that it needs to exist. Hopefully it might remind a few men that no means no.

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