The disenchantment of the E-cigarette

17. August, the US health authority CDC published a short message with explosive content. Among E-cigarette users with a “severe” lung kursiere disease, it was said in it. 94 people in 14 States were diagnosed. Where did the disease come and what you release? Unclear. (The star reported.)

Today, four months after the appearance of the first message, The messages were just the tip of the iceberg. The health experts of the CDC corrected the number of cases in the week to top last updated on 2290. 47 people died. An additive of Vitamin E moved into the sights of the investigators. He triggered the severe lung damage with symptoms such as fever, cough up a lung failure? Possible. It samples from the lungs of 29 patients suggest. But a lot is still open: Why was the material in the Liquids, to the eye, especially in Adulterated, containing the Cannabis ingredient THC? What exactly is the substance resulted in the body? And which products were or are concerned, specifically, about it? At the present time, there are still more questions than answers.

Deaths in the United States

Risks of the new smoke: How harmful are E-cigarettes?

It doesn’t take much imagination to be able to say that 2019 was a black year for the cigarette Multinationals, who wanted to initiate the send evaporators in a new Era of nicotine consumption. Manufacturers market the devices as a “health-conscious” Alternative to traditional cigarettes, want to get away from the sleazy Image that the tobacco adheres to. Yet, ironically, you get exactly the. The dead and the Sick are a poor match to a marketing strategy, which aims to bring a seemingly healthier product of a man and a woman.

New products, new risks

The industry is in the face of illness and death are present in this year, in front of a credibility problem: The market and the Wealth of additional cluttered, and explore difficult. In E-cigarettes alone are several Thousand flavor are vaporized substances. Many of them are also approved for use in the food industry. However, this does not mean that it is safe, the substances deep into the lungs to inhale, explained to the pulmonologist Hans Klose recently in an interview with the star. He warned of a “major field test”, which users are currently exposed to.

Add to that: There is a lack of long-term data on possible health effects of the devices. Whether and how much the evaporator damage to ten or 20 years of continuous use in the lungs and the body do, is not currently in sight.

The good news is: There are, as yet, in no other country a comparable increase in disease cases. And the market in the United States – unlike in Europe – as lax and little controlled. However, the reputation of “health-conscious” E-cigarette, is struck far beyond the borders of the country of the United States and beyond. In Germany, the turnover of the evaporators is went back to the remote significantly the last. More than every second retailer has recorded progress from 30 to 40 percent, said an industry expert recently. A logical consequence?

For young non-Smoking, expose the equipment to unnecessary risks, this may be true. But there are also users for whom use of the devices seem to be. Heavy smokers who did not create it, from conventional cigarettes to break the habit. The US health authority CDC warned Ex-smokers even at the peak of the disease wave in front of it, to grab back to conventional cigarettes. They are proven to be harmful, increasing the risk of lung cancer, strokes and heart attacks. E-cigarettes appear to be the most health experts as the lesser of two Evils. In spite of the uncertainty of the data. A healthy Alternative can be no question. More of damage limitation.

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