The Best Resources To Improve Your Sex Life

WH found the best ever books, websites and podcasts that will fire up your sex life, tonight! Browse, click, listen and learn. 

The Books

The Elusive Orgasm by Dr Vivienne Cass
Is sex as anticlimactic for you as a crowded bus ride home after New Year’s Eve? “In her educational and interactive guidebook, renowned sexologist and psychologist Vivienne Cass provides a thorough overview of the clitoris (and what it really looks like!), the body/mind connection, and women’s sexual pleasure,” says sex therapist Christina Spaccavento. “It’s a step-by-step guide to understanding your struggles with orgasm as well as ways to achieve it.”  Get from go to O!

Slow Sex by Diana Richardson
Just like fast food, fast sex can be delicious in the moment – but leaves you hungry in the long run. “This guide presents a completely different paradigm for lovemaking. It moves away from the idea of fast, stimulation-focused, orgasm-orientated sex and focuses on bringing awareness of self and your partner into the bedroom,” says Spaccavento. “Do this by choosing slow, soft, deliberate movement to enhance your sensitivity and that loving connection.” Yep, slow sex really does satisfy.

The Websites
Click through to the Relationships chapter for a bunch of handy advice. Free afternoon? Master the art of sexting, or learn to seduce your love interest with confidence. The Book of Life is an offshoot of innovative educator The School of Life.
The Gottman Institute takes a research-backed approach to enhancing your relationship. Its blog offers thoughtful sex and relationships advice – a must-read for those together long-term.

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The Podcasts

Sex Lives
What’s trending in the bedrooms of the Big Apple? New York Magazine’s sex columnist Maureen O’Connor is on the front line. Is sex better when you own a house? Should you ‘deep like’ pics on a bloke’s Instagram? These are the real issues of the modern age.

Sex With Emily
You’ll want to be mates with sexologist Dr Emily Morse. She’s always charmingly upbeat as she shares her steamy sex tips, answers listener questions and brings you the latest sex news and toy reviews. She’s so easy-breezy that eps like Dirty Married Sex and One-Night Bangs don’t really sound (that) dirty at all.

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