Survey shows that Every third person suffers from stress related sleep disorders

Difficulty falling Asleep, grinding of the teeth at night or sleep disorders, the tear suddenly from the dream.

About a third of the German population had already once such a Problem with the night’s rest, which was triggered by Stress.

Showing the results of a representative survey of 'Splendid Research' with 1.017 participants, which was conducted on behalf of FIT FOR FUN.

Physical symptoms of stress are no exception

According to the survey, has already suffered more than half of the German due to Stress, unpleasant physical symptoms.

According to sleep disorders are gastro-intestinal complaints prevalent, with 24 percent, almost one in four had to fight because of the Stress in order to.

There are other symptoms such as heart palpitations, high blood pressure and dizziness and a migraine to follow.

In the rarest of cases, Stress seems to lead, however, is really a Burnout. Not even five percent of the respondents reported to have this mental Suffering due to a stressful way of life.

With age, the stress drops levels

However, Stress should not be underestimated or trivialized. After all, a third of Germans feel frequently stressed, whereas only three percent completely relaxed through life.

There is within the groups of people clear trends: women and persons up to 39 years feel more unbalanced.

From I-40, the stress level seems to decline with age. The participants of the study aged between 60 and 69 years, felt the least stressed.

With a better income cut off, according to the survey bad: While persons with an income between 1,500 and 2,600 euros feel the most Stress, increasing the stress level with a higher income.

The work stresses most people

It is possible that this is related to the Job. Because the main factor in most people is clearly the work – 61% said they feel their Job is stressed.

Slightly less than half feel the road as nerve-racking.

After all, a little less than 40 percent feel stressed when it comes to the family or personal finances. Around a quarter is tense, when it comes to their own future planning.

Music to the ears and to the Gym

However, no matter which aspect of life in a Stress-triggers; it is important to recognize this condition first, and then take the appropriate action.

With 82 percent of people feel stressed out, tried after all, the vast majority of to improve this troubled state is active.

Music is a popular helper. With 57 percent of the more than half of his favorite uses of songs in order once again to turn off.

But Sport is important for a lot of an outlet to relieve Stress: 40 percent exert themselves physically, to clear the head.

No wonder, sports is a good method to reduce stress. Finally, not only welding, but also feelings of happiness are released.

Many people can also relax in front of the TV in your favorite series or a good movie, 37 percent switch off well.

Around a quarter regularly uses breathing exercises that help to reliably find back to the own center and strengthened to meet the challenges of everyday life.

The so-called Zen-breathing is useful, for example. This particularly deep and controlled breathing can increase Stress and General well-being.

If that is not a reason to take right now for a couple of minutes of your time to quietly sit down and take a deep breath.

Cornelia Bertram

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