So the miracle of healing the earth actually acts

Whether as a powder, granules or in capsules, healing earth is a real all-round is supposed to be a means for a wide variety of complaints. In alternative medicine, many swear by both external as well as internal use. But how effective it actually is? FOCUS Online explains the most important facts.

What is earth healing?

Healing earth is a powder of loam, clay, or loess, a calcareous yellow Sediment. You can purchase therapeutic earth in pharmacies, health food stores and drugstores. Over the last few centuries, it has established itself as a medical product, and even medicines.

Many people swear by the alleged natural remedies. Because it is a true miracle weapon against various physical ailments. In General, it is mixed with water, and both externally and internally applied. Healing earth is supposed to bind toxins and substances like cholesterol, acids, bacteria, and other pollutants from the food. Many of those Affected take advantage of the healthy mud against acne, Cellulite and swelling.

You drink it, to help its toxin-binding effect in the gastro-intestinal problems and heartburn. So far, but there is little scientific evidence of efficacy.

Formation and extraction of healing earth

The loess-rock dust layers up to 30 meters deep in the earth and are rich in minerals. They arose from the rocks of the ice age, by Glaciers and weathering.

For medical and cosmetic use manufacturer build the loess, dry, and grind it very fine. Healing earth contains no further additives. If the powder particles are very small, this increases the surface area relative to their mass is enormous. These can then bind to the harmful substances in the body – like a blotting paper. Best offer on

Ingredients of healing earth

Healing earth contains many different minerals. The composition of individual products varies. Therefore, they always contain different proportions of calcium, Magnesium, potassium, silicon, silica, and sodium. Also important trace elements such as iron, chromium, zinc and copper are part of the healing earth. The body needs these to stay healthy and maintain his metabolism.


Healing earth has been recognized since ancient times has a long Tradition. Famous personalities such as Hippocrates, Hildegard of Bingen, Paracelsus, Kneipp should have used the therapeutic power of a healthy sludge. An important role of Adolf played Just. He is considered the re-discoverer of the healing earth in the 20th century. A century after the alleged cure was advised, after thousands of years of application in obscurity. For Just the healing earth is supposed to be “the best medicine of nature”.

Effect and application

Healing earth Fans apply the mud, both externally and internally. Healing earth in medicine and cosmetics for skin and hair use. The effect of the healing earth is similar to coal. It binds to lipids on the surface of the skin, as well as acids and neutralized.

Depending on the type of application of healing earth acts differently:

Cosmetics: External Use

As a mask, the healing earth can bind, for example, in the case of pimples and acne excess sebum and fat. Also for greasy hair and many swear by it. The earth is antibacterial, skin soothing, decongestant and anti-itching. Due to the powdery consistency, it has a larger surface area for Binding the pollutants.

Health complaints, there are hot and cold applications:

For burns and insect bites, a cold paste to see the result of porridge is supposed to have a cooling effect, the vessels. Cold compresses will also help relieve rheumatic complaints, arthritis, bruises and contusions of the complaints.

A warm envelope in turn stimulates blood circulation and promotes the excretion of metabolic products. In the case of joint pain, muscle tension, lumbago or pain in the area of the spine, for example, to counteract the effect of hot compresses to reduce inflammation and swelling.

For external use you to stir the healing earth depending on your needs, with warm or cold water. The mass you can apply either directly to the skin or with a damp cloth attach.

Internal Application

An old proverb says: Dirt cleans the stomach. Healing earth neutralizes the stomach acid and the discomfort of heartburn, bloating to relieve diarrhea and other stomach complaints. If they have no bacterial or viral Background, the effect of the healing earth has a neutralizing effect on the acid-base balance.

For internal use naturopaths generally recommend two to three Times daily drink a glass with the egg powder. Some manufacturers also offer capsules.

Interaction and side effects

If you are taking medication, you should be in the application of healing earth gently. May the healing earth can lead to interactions and the active ingredients of drugs bind. This could interfere with their effectiveness. Therefore, you get always the advice of your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking additional medication. Healing earth you should not take the parallel with drugs, but several hours in between to wait.

Evaluation and criticism

Healing earth is designed to relieve at the correct application of a range of physical complaints. So far, however, there are still no reputable studies that show the actual effects the medical establishment. Researchers at the Siena University found that mud-mud-treatments can the pain of patients with osteoarthritis of the knee relieve.

“Good pills, bad pills”, an independent project of Physicians, pharmacists, Health scientists and other professionals in the industry under investigation in January of this year, the use of healing earth.

The result of their investigation is that, according to today’s criteria of the evidence-based medicine so far, no Use is assigned. The Charité hospital in Berlin examined in a six-week study, the effects of healing earth in the case of irritable bowel complaints. The seriousness of this investigation, however, is doubtful. To a one of the manufacturer of medicinal earth, Luvos, gave these in order. On the other hand, the effects were not compared with a Placebo. The alleged study has been published in any journal.

So, what then is it, the miracle of healing the earth?

According to Martina Kerscher, Professor and specialist in dermatology/Allergology at the University of Hamburg, there are case observations, which show the positive clinical effects, in both internal as well as external application. But she also points out that there is as yet no evidence-based medical evidence.