So, Have You Ever Had Sex In Your Car? How About A Port-A-Potty?

Quick: Where’s the absolute craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

Dang girl, look at you!

Let’s face it–sometimes there are those occasions when you just can’t wait another minute to get your hands all over your partner (hello, car sex). Other times, you’re forced into it by not-so-ideal circumstances (looking at you: holiday twin-bed sex). Still, in some cases it’s just downright hot to get it on in an unconventional place.

To get a better sense of how your sexcapades compare, take the poll below. (You KNOW you’re curious.)

So without any further ado, let’s start things off easy….

(If you do want to try having sex on the beach, check out our recs.)

(BTW, you probably shouldn’t have sex in water. Like, ever. Read up, friends.)

Fun fact: Yes people apparently do this at music festivals. Read this if you don’t believe us…

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