Skin problem: What is Acne inversa?

The disease Acne inversa is usually spät recognized. Many patients suffer unnötig long in the entzüwere and painful nodes

Some of Acne inversa affected people schämen to go to the doctor

Bloß a couple of harmless pimples! The first signs of the so-called Acne inversa many confuse with skin blemishes. However, the erbsengroßen, entzüwere and painful knots under the armpits, in the groin or on the buttocks kömay be symptoms of a serious chronic disease.

Largely unknown

It relates to schäup way, a percentage of the Bevöaging of the population. Nevertheless, &shy is;Acne inversa is still little known, ­experts complain. "An average of ten years elapse before patients rich­term diagnosis bekommen", Dr. Dagmar Presser, senior Dermatochi&shy says;rurgin on Universitätsklinikum Würzburg. She is in charge of the Acne-inversa-office hours.

However, because of the Suffering, Hidradenitis suppurativa, is not always recognized immediately, not ­everyone Concerned with a Üreferral to a specialist. Some patients ­search the Internet for Erkläconclusions für your chronically recurring Abscesses – and learn there for the first Time, more über of the disease.

Shame verzögert a visit to the doctor

Some of them don’t go to the doctor, because you schämen. "The Entzüinventions occur under the armpits, and in women under the Brümost on. The pubic area, in the case of Mämen of the Po are also ­affected. Many people peinlich", the dermatologist, Dr. Andreas Pinter from the University hospital Frankfurt said.

This wäre a frühe diagnosis is important. Acne inversa is not, or incorrectly treated, the purulent nodes that grow together sometimes. It köcan so-called Fistelgänge is produced, which is unpleasant smelling Secretion outlet. Wäduring an Entzümaking thrust can be movement, even Sitting excruciating.

Affected often zurück

Out of fear of rejection Affected h&auml pull;often zurück, köphysical Nähe is almost unmöpossible. The psychological and social consequences are dramatically – also because the disease is already jüfor younger people.

"The ­­Acne inversa has been some career and love relationship zerstört", expert Pinter says. About 40 percent of patients suffer from severe Depres­one of the versions. The risk that zusäaddition, circulatory issues or Diabetes, is erhöht.

It all begins in the hair follicle

Üabout the origin of the disease weiß one yet little. The Entzüinventions relate to at the beginning, especially the hair follicles. Probably hängt the Entzü- making but also with a Dysregulation of the immune system. Some patients seem to have a hereditary predisposition.

Smoking, Ümountain-villain and Stress are also considered to be Auslöser, such as skin irritation by clothes, sweating, or the Removal of the Köbody hair. "When Shaving köcan bacteria by micro-injuries to penetrate and Entzündungen auslösen", erklärt Dermato­surgeon Presser. Disposable razor for shaving and disinfection of the skin, reduce the load. Also a permanent hair removal can help those Affected, Entzündungsschüto reduce loading. However, the positive effects have been demonstrated previously in smaller studies; the cost müwear the patients themselves.

Therapy: creams, tablets, risk factors to avoid

Depending on the Auspränarrowing the therapy consists of different elements. "It is a systemic disease, therefore, the entire organism must be integrated in the treatment concept werden", Presser says.

In light Fäcases köcan about help anti-septic creams. Affected are also encouraged to lose weight or stop Smoking. "Both are also in other diseases, a risk factor – in the case of the Acne inversa but very besonders", skin doctor Pinter says. Psychological therapies köthe stress can be reduced, and the patient unterstüsupport to learn living with the disease.

In more severe Fäcases prescribe Ädoctors üover a certain period of time the antibiotic doxycycline. It acts primarily against bacteria, but against Entzündungen. Häoften mühave to be removed, the Abscesses, however, surgically. "Since the Entzündungsgälength often inches deep under the skin, these are not small Eingriffe", Pinter says.

Antiköbody-Drug lässt hope

Für the systemic treatment was approved about three years ago another drug: a Antiköbody, which was used until then, for rheumatoid Arthritis. Adalimumab does not help everyone, however, patients in which the drug is anschlägt, experience a significant improvement in – häoften, if you were in surgery also.

Experts hope that soon other so-called biologics to Verfüare available. "The consideration of the topic takes to – and so, very slowly, the Forschung", so Pinter. In order to be Concerned, küin the future frühere k&ouml be treated;can, try not to specialists, other physicians füto raise the awareness of r the disease, but also the patients themselves. No one should be years of suffering, before he was an Acne-­inversa-office hour visits.

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