She convinced Spahn – now, cancer patients receive important performance paid

Your cancer treatment, infertility often follows. The prior Freezing of ova or seeds, is financed young patients soon. Rolling the change in the law Claudia Neumann has brought. The colon cancer patient and “honor of Felix”award winner grabbed at the ceremony, Minister of health, Jens Spahn, and spoke out for him.

Claudia Neumann is a merry life, and fearless woman. The now 32-Year-old has overcome not only the advanced colorectal cancer that was established four years ago with her. She has also invited a Federal Minister in front of a large audience for the Four-on-one meeting to talk about a pressing concern for young cancer patients. It was 2018. Today, this resulted in a statutory scheme that is yet to be implemented this year. FOCUS Online spoke with Claudia Neumann on cancer, courage and great success.

FOCUS Online: you have 2018 at the gala event of the “Felix Burda Award”, the Felix Burda Foundation the honorable Felix won the Foundation’s remarkable young colorectal cancer patients is characterized. In her acceptance speech during the Gala, you have asked the present Federal Minister of health to talk with you about the fertility preservation of young cancer patients. How did you get it?

Claudia Neumann: Because I need to go back a bit. For me, even in 2015, the intestine was found to have cancer in an advanced stage. Since I was 27, just to my then-husband to Berlin and ready for a family life. Then I had to fight for my life, surgery, Chemo and radiation to survive. The result of the Operation, a Stoma, so an artificial output was. After Chemo and radiation, I was with 28 years of barren – so like many other young cancer patients.

The fertility can be preserved, if eggs and sperm are collected before treatment and frozen for a later desire to have children used. This is expensive, and the funds to pay for the procedure only for patients with ovarian cancer. This is nonsense, after all of the cancer, but the therapy of the infertility is rarely to blame. The German Foundation for young adults with cancer, for which I am involved as a volunteer, has been fighting for years to ensure that the cryopreservation is applied for all the young cancer patients. And that’s what I wanted to talk to the night I with Mr. Spahn, when I meet him in person. private Claudia Neumann is enjoying her life after severe intestinal cancer

FOCUS Online: And how was’s?

Neumann: Very pleasant. The Minister was immediately ready with me together, seemed really interested and asked very specific questions about the topic. He promised to take care of the thing. Sure, I couldn’t be me, of course. But, in fact, a call from the Ministry, and the invitation came after a couple of weeks to Meet with the stakeholders of the date of service and supply act. And now the financing of the reproductive preservation for young cancer patients has been actually incorporated into the new law. This is great!

FOCUS Online: How does it feel to have a law on the way to have?

Neumann: The subject came up not only by me in the aisle. The Foundation has long been strong and also politicians auditioned. But I do believe that the personal contact, the matter has once again given a boost. It has helped that a destiny is connected with a face, as an emotional level came.

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FOCUS Online: you Could even also from the cryopreservation benefit?

Neumann: no, for me, was after the diagnosis T4-rectal cancer is no longer the time for the Freezing of ova. The Doctors wanted to start treatment right away. But I’m incredibly glad that now other cancer patients will have the opportunity to do so. There’s a cost of about 4000 Euro.

FOCUS Online: there Are in addition to the fertility of other topics, specifically for young cancer patients are important?

Neumann: poverty by cancer is such a topic that no one is really on the screen. For example, if a Student is unable to meet because of the illness of the study and is expelled, it falls through all the financial safety nets.

Another issue is the lack of involvement of family and friends in the care is, especially psychologically. With a dying buddy, young people are overtaxed.

And finally, this is me personally, especially on the heart, there should be comprehensive testing for young people, where individual or familial risk factors are present. In the case of young people it is intended for warning signs far too seldom to a life-threatening disease.

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FOCUS Online: Would a genetic test for colon cancer before the disease keep can?

Neumann: no, my colon cancer has no genetic component. There were no other risk factors, why I got 27 this cancer. It is pure coincidence according to the Motto was “at the wrong time in the wrong place.

FOCUS Online: How much are they by the consequences of the intestinal cancer handicapped, such as through the Stoma?

Neumann: I see it not as a Handicap. In the first few weeks I was shocked by the artificial output. In the meantime, the bag belongs to me, and I can pretty much do everything without restriction, for example, the beach holiday into the water to go. The Handicap has the environment in mind, for which the Stoma is a large and unpleasant topic.

I’m just happy that I’m alive.

The diagnosis of colorectal cancer means for patients is not only an emotional break down, but often also a financial. Who wants to support patients, you can donate to the following account:

Felix Burda Foundation
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For more information, please refer to this Link. The Felix Burda Foundation with headquarters in Munich was founded in 2001 by Dr. Christa Maar and the publisher Prof. Dr. Hubert Burda and bears the name of its 2001 cancer of the colon, deceased son.

The Foundation is dedicated exclusively to the prevention of colon cancer and is today one of the most well-known, non-profit institutions in the German Health Community.

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