Popular Aussie Blogger Gets Hilariously Honest About Using Sex To Bring On Labour

If you’re not one of Sophie Cachia’s 229k Instagram followers or 144k Facebook fans, you need to remedy that ASAP. The blogger from Melbourne, also known as The Young Mummy, has no filter when it comes to parenting, and this is no more evident than in her recent account of her second labour.

At 42 weeks along, in the middle of an Aussie summer no less, the 26-year-old explains, “I was that crazy overdue pregnant woman googling EVERY possible natural induction technique.”

#tbt – 36 weeks pregnant. I never posted this at the time because I thought I was a flubbery whale. In hindsight, I think I was looking a-OK. I was pregnant for another 4.5 weeks after this photo, and that month felt like a fucking eternity. What was your favourite & least favourite part about being pregnant? With Bob it was my maternal instinct that allowed me to 'know' I was carrying a boy without ever medically finding out, but worst part was 24/7 morning sickness for whole pregnancy. With Floss the worst part was torn abdominal muscles and my back out of joint, best part was my labour – I couldn't have asked for a more standard, straight forward experience after being induced the first time. I looked forward to it a lot more second time around, which is so weird considering how much it hurts but there's TOO many bad, scary labour stories around – sometimes you need to hear a good one ❤️

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After bathing in Clary Sage Oil and eating an entire pineapple, it was time to try another popular, but far less PG method of DIY induction…

“But when you’re an overdue sweaty walrus and you need this baby to come out, you do what you gotta’ do,” she writes in a blog. “And when you’re the husband of this highly hormonal overdue sweaty walrus, you do what you’re told.”


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“They say that sex brings on a baby, when in fact I learnt it’s actually the semen itself that can have an impact. Semen contains natural prostaglandins which help to ripen, or soften, the cervix and cause it to open.”

It’s also said that the release of oxytocin during orgasm can bring on contractions.

“Let’s be brutally honest, there was more chance of me farting and shooting the baby out pain free than there was of me having an orgasm this heavily pregnant, so his swimmers were going to have to do!”

“Sex was literally the last thing on my mind, so as I got in position on hands and knees, whilst eating an apple and watching Suits, Jaryd came from behind and did what he needed to do. Literally.”

Whether it was just a coincidence or evidence of the method’s effectiveness, Sophie says that at midnight she began to have light contractions. Throw in a bit of nipple stimulation with a breast pump, and her daughter Florence was on the way.  

Despite plenty of proponents on parenting forums, there’s little scientific proof that having sex can actually induce labour. But if you’re willing to try all means, why not give it a crack?!

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