Please keep your distance! In these situations, the risk of a Corona is infection the greatest

Science is an ongoing process: researchers are trying to come on the Basis of studies to be evidence. The current Corona-crisis is for of Scientific therefore as exciting and challenging, because millions of people track their work in real-time. It is important to know: estimates may change depending on the study location again. On the Check, and possibly even the Discard of knowledge, scientific knowledge is based.

From time to time, however, it is worthwhile to press in this process, once the Pause button and look back: What is the Basis of the existing data known? Where is it, still a closer look? Just did the Virologist Muge Cevik recently. Cevik, who works at the British University of St. Andrews, sighted the study location to the chain of Infection of Sars-CoV-2. Subsequently, she reported about it on Twitter and received a lot of encouragement from the scientific Community. Your evaluation of the evidence, the situations in which to spread the Coronavirus is particularly effective seems to be provides.

A particular risk seems, therefore, meetings must be assumed, in which people come together in confined spaces, says Cevik. She cites the examples of care facilities and homeless accommodation in Boston. Of 408 people became infected during a two-day stay, more than a third of residents (36 percent).

For this Thesis, the numerous Covid-19-cases in the German slaughter companies. Many workers live in a small space in Collective centres.

Fatal Festivals

Larger family gatherings and celebrations with friends can also pull chains of Infection, such as a particularly tragic case from the US shows. There is an infected Person took part with mild symptoms at a funeral. On the eve of the close family friend dined with two family members (2 hours) and took the following day to the funeral (3 hours). There, he hugged several guests, to bring you his sympathy.

Way out of the crisis

The new Normal – we must learn to live with the Virus

Through close contacts with the mourners, to put the Person at least two people. These were the people with whom the Infected was also on the eve eaten. You sick two or four days after the funeral. One of the two eventually died as a result of lung failure.

At a birthday party, three days after the funeral took place, to put the Patient more people. At least seven people developed three or seven days after the multi-hour Celebration typical Covid-19 symptoms. In the case of three of them, the pathogen has also been detected. Two persons, who had participated in the Celebration and who was seriously ill, died. Only two of the nine guests at the party developed no symptoms.

Enclosed Spaces

Also the stay in enclosed spaces seems to increase the risk of infection. Especially members and close friends are at risk, according to a Chinese study family. Here are the infection rates at 18 and 22 percent of the average value of only six percent. As the largest risk factors keep listed in the study of contact in the house (13 percent), the contact in means of transport (11 percent) and common food (7 percent).

Close and prolonged contacts with Patients, the stay in the closed spaces and the accumulation, in which the minimum distances are not adhered to, seem to be the main driver of infection, says Cevik. Short and fleeting contacts are not, therefore, for the majority of infection cases. A Transmission can not be excluded in individual cases. Distance to comply with the rules and restrict contacts to a Minimum, and that it was necessary, therefore, writes Cevik.

Experts, such as virologist Christian Drosten recommend already for a long time to shift contacts with friends and family to to Free. In this way, for example, can be prevents the virus-infected particles in the air of the room. The role that these aerosols play in the Transmission of Covid-19, but is not conclusively settled. A Meeting in interior spaces is not to be avoided, attention should be given to good ventilation. Windows should be open to the possibility.

It is known that the Coronavirus is spread mainly through droplet infection. Viruses behaftetete of droplets when infected people cough, sneeze or talk. Breathing bystanders, these tiny drops, and you can become infected with the Coronavirus. Because this can only put a certain distance in the air and sink to the floor, are minimum clearances appropriate. Also, the mouth-nose-coverings to reduce the risk to bystanders of the people, by holding back the finest wines.

Ceviks findings are broadly in line with results of a study recently published in the journal “The Lancet Infectious Diseases”. In it, researchers evaluated the data from the first well-known Corona – infections in Germany-the so-called “Munich-based cohort”. Most of the infections caused by direct contact with Infected, such as joint Meetings or longer conversations. Even within a family could spread the Virus well. The infection rate in the study at up to 75 percent. The family was isolated in this case, together in a hospital room.

At least one Person had been infected, but apparently only by a fleeting contact with An already infected but asymptomatic colleague had lent it to the Person in the canteen a salt shaker. A special case in two respects: most of The infections seem to be Infected with clear symptoms of illness to be expected, writes Cevik.

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