On holiday in Spain: nine-year-old girl an ice cream to eat and it dies

Tragedy in Spain-holiday: The pleasure of ice cream has cost a nine-year-old girl’s life. The child had traveled, according to a report in the British “Mirror” last Saturday with his parents and two siblings to the Costa del Sol. There the family after the Check should have gone in at the Hotel to get ice cream in a nearby shopping center. Shortly after returning to the Hotel, the girls showed for the first allergic reactions. A little later, it had been with the ambulance to a clinic in Málaga. The girl, the newspaper “Sur” on milk and nuts, was after information of the Spanish local allergic, did not survive the consequences of anaphylactic shock. Two days after the ice cream with the family, she died in the hospital. According to the Portal “Reisereporter.de” to stop the parents of the girl in Spain, to organize the transport home of their dead daughter.

What is an anaphylactic shock?

Anaphylactic shock is the most severe allergic reaction that affect the entire body, circulatory failure and death may result. The symptoms do not occur only locally, you can capture the entire organism. The body reacts to an Allergen, wherein the first reinforced histamine is released. It follows a chain reaction in which the blood vessels wide and the blood pressure sags rapidly. So the vital organs can no longer, or at least significantly worse supplied with blood. The result is a Cycle is often collapse, ending in the worst case, fatal. As the Portal allergiecheck.de reported, are triggered in children, 60 percent of all severe anaphylactic reactions due to food.

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