Numbness on the head

Numbness on the head

While many people complain of headaches, there are also a large number of complains about the exact opposite, namely a reduced perception on the head. Numbness in the head can be for people very stressful, if you perceive suddenly, no sensations of a constant tingling sensation.

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Numbness on the head: A brief Overview

Numbness or a feeling of tingling in the extremities, rare but also the head. In the case of a lasting or recurring feeling of numbness on the head a visit to the doctor should not be postponed, because, in addition to more harmless causes such as muscle tension can, in rare cases, serious diseases like a brain tumor the cause. Here is a brief Overview of the symptoms:

  • Synonyms: deafness of the head, head, deafness, deaf, head, head, numb scalp numb, numbness of the scalp, numbness of the head, Hypoesthesia of the head, head, hypoesthesia, Caput Hypoesthesia, cylinder, distortion of the head, numbness in head, head numbness, head of CyD.
  • Symptoms: tingling sensation on the scalp, lack of sensation in the head or face, dull feeling to the touch, easy to Burn, Prick or Sting, a lack of temperature sensation.
  • Possible causes: Stress, colds, migraine, nerve is pinched, head injury, neck tension, B-vitamin deficiency, alcohol abuse, burns, frostbite, Hashimoto’s encephalopathy, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Lyme disease, disc herniation, tumor diseases.

Emergency: With these complaints immediately to the doctor

Should also appear to the Numbness of one or more of the following symptoms, immediate medical help is required:

  • Complaints emerge after a head injury.
  • Numbness spreads to other areas of the body.
  • Numbness is accompanied by a feeling of weakness.
  • Affected are confused or have difficulty Speaking.
  • It is difficulty in breathing occur.
  • With the numbness of a limited view.
  • The sense of smell is reduced or changed.
  • It is a sudden and severe headache occur.
  • Sufferers will lose control of the bladder or the intestines.
  • The numbness relates to a whole face or half of the body.

Causes of numbness in the head

Probably the most common reason for numbness in the head before seizures related to migraine. These often announce themselves by a sensation of tingling in the head or face. In addition, a cold logs, not infrequently, first by a dull feeling in the or on the head or in the face. The Same applies also in the case of rhinitis, regardless of whether it’s the sniffles, a Cold, allergic rhinitis or vasomotor rhinitis.

Diabetes and nerve damage

As a result of a Diabetes called diabetic neuropathy can occur. More than every tenth Person with type 2 Diabetes, such damage to the peripheral nerves developed. This is caused by a metabolic disorder of the nerve cells and high blood sugar, the affect, ultimately, the function of the cells. This can also be manifested by numbness on the head.

Other Causes

As a result of nerve damage, it can also lead to facial nerve palsy, which is associated with Numbness. Partially, in experience, the numbness reports to the head also as a by-product during or after the hair dyeing, or after a beauty surgical procedure described. Problems or injuries to the cervical spine or to the relevant nerves or blood vessels can also cause loss of sensation on the head. Also, drug use and alcoholism can lead to a feeling of numbness in the head.

Furthermore, infections of the teeth can lead to Numbness in the jaw or face. Virus such as Herpes or shingles possible causes of numbness in head are diseases also. In the worst case, a heart attack, stroke, or a brain tumor are the head, deafness responsible. Heart attack and stroke, are expressed mostly by numbness in other regions of the body. In addition, dizziness, panic, and sometimes severe pain. Should announce an attack in any way, you must immediately be an emergency room physician contacted.


Mindful of the Affected should always be symptoms with Accompanying. For example, if the coordination or the smell sense is affected with it, then it should be Done by imaging a neoplastic, such as, for example, a meningioma, are excluded. By examination of the cerebral fluid, the Kiquors, you can also detect other diseases, such as Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy,. Of numbness in the head is complained, also, in the context of diseases such as Multiple sclerosis (MS), Lyme disease or a herniated disc. The Natural medicine, which mainly deals with functional causes of head numbness, and is also familiar with various other causes, ranging from B-Vitamin deficiency up to neck tension.

Naturopathy and dove head skin

Orthomolecular medicine (OM) in patients often have a deficiency of B vitamins. This will be substituted by a generous gift and it will be further looked to see whether a metabolic Problem is present, which could have caused the defect.

Fascia as a cause

In the mechanical point of view on the symptoms, there are different approaches. According to the fascial distortion model (FDM), the process is heavily based on the body language, is a distortion of the superficial fascia, the so-called cylinder fascia. Are extensively treated. This is mostly used a large tuft of hair from the handler and then is withdrawn laterally inclined skin to the top of the head, so that the fascia back in your normal alignment.

Osteopathy in Numbness

A further approach to osteopathy. Here are the symptoms will be seen mostly in the sense of a Anpannung, by the skin of the head tense. Also by the back of the head the course of a nerve or a nerve that runs from the back of the head by the muscles, can be affected by hard spun. In osteopathy seeks to find causes, over and above the body of the complaint. The total droop is taken into account and the voltage distribution are examined and treated, if necessary. Affected wonder often, that in an examination for other complaints you will be asked, such as chest pain, back pain or headaches from the back of the head radiating.


A similar approach in Rolfing, functional complaints in a Problem of the stress distribution and total static, but emotional relationships are also taken into account. (tf, vb; updated on 27. March 2019)


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