Nerve pain: helps with pain, tingling and numbness

It starts in the feet, spreads the legs and stretches up into the hands of people with neuropathy suffer from Numbness, tingling and pain in the whole body. Most common causes are Diabetes and excessive alcohol consumption.

About six percent of the German population are affected by chronic nerve pain. These occur in the feet and legs, more rarely in the arms, hands and fingers or in the fuselage. Even slight touches can be for the victims to torment.

The most common symptoms associated with nerve pain

Tingling and numbness are the most common signs of the so-called polyneuropathy. The pain may vary often and change your intensity.

“The complaints vary from Patient to Patient,” explains Mark Stettner, senior physician and head of the special outpatient clinic for polyneuropathy at the University of Essen hospital. In the case of the so-called positive symptoms, such as burning pain and Hypersensitivity are over-excited nerves – Affected feel ‘too Much’. In contrast, cold feeling and numbness are among the negative symptoms. The Affected sensor take of sensations worse or barely true.

Damage to the nerves can cause pain

The peripheral nervous system is for the supply of nerve fibers outside the brain and spinal cord responsible. This physician between the damage to individual nerve fibers or nerve bundle is different. The nerves are damaged cars or severed, the nerve is permanently in Alarm, and send pain signals to the brain.

A Variety Of Causes

Nerve pain can have different triggers. “The most common cause of polyneuropathy, alcoholism, and Diabetes,” says Stettner. He estimates that approximately every third diabetic Patient has in the course of his disease, neuropathic pain.

During surgery nerves can be severed injured, which can cause chronic pain. But also injuries, poisonings, circulatory or metabolic disorders, as well as inflammatory diseases and auto-immune damaging diseases of the nerves.

Even if the original cause has healed, can remain in neuropathic symptoms. Thus, acute pain can be triggered for example by an infection with shingles or Lyme disease, in constant pain and develop a polyneuropathy trigger.

Quick diagnosis is important

Often, the symptoms of polyneuropathy can be recognized in patients late or not at all. It is key for a successful treatment is particularly important that the symptoms as soon as possible to arrange. The damage to nerve fibers has advanced too far, it is not possible in many cases to treat the neuropathy completely.

“In the case of acute symptoms such as numbness and tingling, patients should contact a doctor immediately,” says Stettner. A suspected polyneuropathy is a neurologist must clarify first of all, sensitivity, pain sensation, muscle strength, and reflexes.

Whether and how severely the nerves are harmed, notice a physician by measuring the nerve conduction velocity and muscle function. They also examine whether the nerves are affected in your case or in the core. The information on the Ursacheund is decisive for the treatment.

Treatment and therapy for the nerve pain

The disease is diagnosed, need to set patients on extensive treatment. It is often necessary, different medications to try.

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