Many Germans ignore the leaflets

Every second German has had of drugs ever unwanted side effects. However, many ignore the package insert, or take the risks knowingly.

In Europe, around 200,000 people die each year as a result of drug side effects. In Germany alone, 6 million patients discomfort after the intake of medicines have. The company Medikura Digital Health, which also operates the Registration and information platform and now, the results of his study, which is representative, has presented reported.

Thus, only a quarter of the 1.535 respondents German reads between 25 to 60 years each Time before taking any prescription drugs this leaflet. In the case of over-the-counter products, it is only every Fifth. And every Tenth person was to read the package insert for prescription drugs never. "The assumption is that the use of perceived information from many patients as to long and to complicated werden", the company’s founders and responsible for the study my.

Overall, only about half of the study feel participants enough about the consequences of side-effects elucidated. "It is also a Handlungsdefizit&quot seems to be so in terms of this subject, an awareness of the problem in the case of the Germans, at the same time, however,;, the bottom line is. The goal must therefore be to overcome the reading fatigue of the patients with a view to the package inserts.


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