Living with graves ‘ disease: What should I know?

What is Affected when dealing with the Schilddrüsen disease should note erkl&auml, ;rt Roland Gärtner, Schilddrüsenexperte at the Klinikum of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität MüMunich, in an Interview

Ernäleadership, sports, and Stress: What affects a graves ‘ disease?

Professor Gärtner, you have tagtäto do with patients suffering from graves ‘ disease,. What Ratschläge and rules, you must enter the Affected Hand?

The hängt very depends on in which stage of the disease you are in. When graves ‘ disease is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system fäwrongly Antik&ouml way;antibodies to the TSH Receptor in the Schilddrüse. These so-called TRAk cause increased Schilddrühormones are produced. Heißt, the Affected have a Schilddrüsenüberfunktion – hyperthyroidism –, as a rule, with Schilddrüsenblockern is treated. The only critical period is actually the hormone have returned to normal values during therapy with these drugs.

What müshot, note the stakeholders in this Phase?

A Symptom of the Schilddrüsenüberfunktion an accelerated heartbeat. Therefore, patients with caffeine-containing Getr&auml should;restrict zurüdeter and also sports a degree of caution. Schläthe heart of gt to quickly, get Ill a beta-blocker, the heart rate in the normal range. This is the case, köyou can play sports – in vernüfuture Maßs and according to the Motto: effort, Yes, but not überanstrengen. A Marathon does not have to be, Jogging, Swimming, Cycling are no Problem.

Can too much Iodine in the diet, the Schilddrüsenüberfunktion in the case of graves ‘ disease worsen?

Theoretically, Yes. Germany, however, is iodine deficiency area, who eats normal, it takes per day to about 120 micrograms. This is in the lower normal range and führt has not caused problems in the treatment of graves ‘ disease. The standard area to ücrossing, regelmäßig very jodreiche food such as seaweed. If the patients a healthy and balanced ernähren, köyou can be quite relaxed. Gefälegitimate are iodinated contrast agents, the imaging procedures, such as the Röntgen, or the computer tomography. Prior to these investigations, the persons Concerned should alert the doctor to your condition.

What is the significance of selenium?

The trace element is especially in the case of a mild-to-moderate endocrine ophthalmopathy, so the Aug&auml Emerge;apples and Lidödemen, is of importance. Studies show that täurgent 200 micrograms of selenium für six months here, a significant therapeutic Benefit. The effect hält is also a year and a half after that, and the other is Behandlungsmaßtook üsuperior. In addition, führt, this therapy, the Schilddrüsenwerte faster return to normal. But there are only a few foods that contain a lot of selenium. Therefore, it is administered in tablet form.

Köcan patients also something about the eye symptoms company?

Behavior tip, with erhöhtem Oberköto sleep body. Is verst&auml the head low, ;the periorbital &Ouml Turks themselves;deme, as we Äthe characteristic Fl&uuml doctors;fluid accumulations in the area of the eyes. In this respect, the most important is not to smoke. To get no endocrine ophthalmopathy, or to not worsen you, should any graves ‘ Patient with the Smoking aufhören. Otherwise, the chances to treat the eye symptoms successfully, are equal to zero.

Another point is that many of the Affected beschäengaged in the management of stress. What do you say?

Certain factors like Smoking or hormonal changes trigger the emergence of graves ‘ disease and köcan contribute, the disease worsens. Stress and psychological stress stimulate the köthe body’s defenses and boost the auto-immune process. An impressive document dafür is that there was in Israel a year and a half after the six-day war, three times as many Graves ‘ patients as before. Therefore, the Concerned Stress after M&ouml should;emergency avoid, but this is often easier said than done. Courses Stressbewämanagement and relaxation techniques such as autogenic Training köcan be helpful.

Graves ‘ disease mainly affects women between the age of 20. 40. Years of age, in an age in which certainly many patients have a child möwant to. What must be considered in relation to a pregnancy?

Before a planned pregnancy, the Schilddr&uuml should;mustard function is normalized and, above all, to the TSH-Receptor Antiköbody low or even better negative. Because this is üvia the placenta to the child über, and can ausl&ouml to the Unborn hyperthyroidism;sen. Off the Antik&ouml Succeed;body not with a medikamentösen therapy, under Umstäthe Schilddrüse remove. If the pregnancy occurs more or less unintentionally, köcan Schilddrüsenblocker wäwhile the low doses given.

Our Expert: Professor Roland Gärtner, endocrinologist and Schilddrüsenexperte at the LMU MüMunich

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