Lavender can children Breasts grow

A new study suggests that lavender-based scent products trigger not only in boys but also in girls growth of Breasts. Fortunately, it can be stopped by the lavender scent will be banished from the environment. The researchers advise the use of such products in children.

Previously, a chest was brought growth in boys with lavender-containing fragrance substances. A new study now describes that lavender products can also trigger in girls, early breast growth. The researchers found that certain components of the essential Oils mimic the sex hormone Estrogen, and the effect of testosterone block. This suggests that the essential Oils could be the cause for the observed growth of the breast. After the lavender Settle-containing fragrance products, the breast growth went back with the children.

Against the Background of these results, study leader J. Tyler Ramsey calls, to inform the Public. People should know the pros and Cons, before you reach for the essential Oils. "It is also important that Doctors know that lavender and Teebaumöle contain hormonally active substances and the assessment of premature breast development in young girls and boys, as well as the swelling of the breast tissue of adult men berücksichtigen", so Ramsey. Further, he advises against the use of such essential Oils in children.

The researchers had four pre-pubertal patients – three girls and a boy – with clinical suggest an estrogenic effect and extensive use of lavender-based fragrance materials investigated as well as laboratory experiments with the eight components of lavender and other essential Oils performed. The results, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.