I’m suffering from puberphonia and am not getting a good speech therapist for my problem. What should I do?

Puberphonia is a medical term used to describe what happens when a person has a high-pitched voice that lasts past puberty. It occurs most often in guys, but can occasionally occur in girls.

If you’ve noticed a problem with your voice, you should see an Otolaryngologist (also known as an Ear Nose and Throat doctor, or ENT). He or she will obtain your medical history, perform an evaluation, and make a diagnosis.

Treatment for puberphonia consists of voice therapy with a speech-language pathologist. It may be helpful to seek therapy with a speech-language pathologist who has expertise in voice disorders and, when possible, someone with experience with puberphonia. Not all speech-language pathologists have expertise with the disorder, so it’s important to ask specifically about the person’s experience. University settings and major medical centers that have a dedicated voice clinic may be a good resource for services.

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