I woke up one morning and my voice felt really low. I thought it would crack for a while before it got lower. Should I be worried or is my voice just done changing?

If you are a young man around the time of puberty, you probably don’t need to be worried as voice changes during this time are is normal. During puberty the larynx (also called the “voice box”) changes–it grows bigger and thicker and the vocal cords become longer and thicker too. These physical changes cause the voice to change or “crack” but this is only temporary. This is true for both young women and young men but the changes are more obvious in males. Some boys’ voices change gradually and others change quickly. This process usually lasts a couple of months. It may be that the pitch of your voice has already deepened. Rarely, there are medical problems that can affect your vocal cords as well so if you are concerned at all, you should contact your health care provider to discuss.

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