I just turned 13 and I have lots of armpit hair unlike everyone else in my grade. I am embarrassed without a shirt around them and I have to go swimming in gym where everyone will see my pits. Do you have any suggestions about how I can get over this fear or an easy way to get rid of my armpit hair?

Puberty usually starts when a young man is about 12 years old, so your development is right on schedule! Armpit hair is completely natural so it is a personal decision to “get rid of it.” Since most guys (and girls) have armpit hair, it may be more noticeable if you remove it. However, if it bothers you, you could always trim it rather than shave it. Shaving your armpit hair may cause irritation such as a rash and itchiness. You may feel less self-conscious about your underarm hair as your friends get some too.​

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