Humbug to the dentist

As physicians treat patients at the best, you will learn in your studies and later in training. But how is it decided which therapies should be useful, effective, safe, and part of this training? The best answer would be, scientifically, on the Basis of studies that analyze the patient’s Benefit. It is different in the case of the German dental chamber (BZÄK).

In order to clarify for the dental education of what natural healing is classified the procedure as “useful, effective and safe” and “training point worthy”, they launched a Mini-survey with three experts. Everyone had to specify the task that eleven alternative medical procedures, in a nutshell, whether Dental associations training points should be awarded. References to studies or other sources were not necessary.

“Not at all”, criticized Gerd Antes, former Director of Cochrane, Germany, of a Central body of evidence-based, so evidence-based medicine. “It is a well-established set of rules and regulations that should be adhered to.” Antes speaks of the “patient injury and a waste of resources”.

Training is mandatory

The training speakers of the regional dental chambers saw the less critical. You adopted on your co-ordination conference unanimously adopted the results of the mini survey. These serve, according to BZÄK the competent regional dental chambers as a “decision aid”, in which training content they offer and how many training points you awarded for that.

Doctors, dentists, and psychotherapists to develop the evidence you provide points by using Training. The basis of the Fifth book of the social code (SGB V). It says: “The in-service training content must meet the current state of scientific knowledge in the field of medicine, dentistry, or psychotherapy. You need to be free of economic interests.” Who is not, or not fully able to demonstrate the required training, have to expect sanctions in the Form of fee cuts, including the withdrawal of the authorisation.

You have to ask “aware of University facilities,”” said the BZÄK on demand by the MIRROR, the document is to be updated “regularly”. The reason for the mini-survey as a screening tool, however, was not his own skepticism, but came from the outside. In the final document, which is the MIRROR, says: “with regard to critical Demands from the world of politics and the media, ( … ), the competent Authorities for the dental education increasingly, the question of the boundaries of legitimate/MIS training offers, particularly in the area of natural remedies.”

“Remote effect” of chronic inflammation affect?

In one of the three experts, it was Karin Kraft, a Professor of Natural medicine at the University medical centre of Rostock. They classified eight of the procedure as a training point worthy of, among other things, interference field-testing. This is to track as part of the so-called neural therapy, chronic inflammation, the cause over a long-distance effect is a consequence of disease in other areas of the body. They were “useful, effective and safe”.

Here, the Federal court of justice had decided in may of 2017, in a dispute in a different way: A dentist had made a “stove and interference field testing” and as a therapy for “multiple Dental focal infections pulled” four molars in the upper jaw, and the jaw bone “thoroughly” milled”. According to the Oberlandesgericht, this has led to serious, irreversible damage to Health (Az.: VI ZR 203/16).

Also for the diagnosis of Tongue there “in the meantime, some of the scientific evidence,” said force, and the chiropractic TMJ manipulation was in the context of courses for Manual medicine or chiropractic is “effective and safe”.

The other two experts are limited in their reviews for the most part, with short “Yes”, “no” or “not specified”. If you were to Sabine Möddel, Deputy head of the Department of in-service training/quality assurance of the medical chamber of Berlin, and Peter Matthiessen, Chairman of the speaker circuit of a dialogue forum for pluralism in medicine (DPM), and head of the Department of “methods of plurality in medicine” at the University of Witten/Herdecke.

All the same, The method of “healing touch”, a got from all three experts, “no”, 2017, was offered at the training facility of the Bavarian chamber of dentists (EAFZ). The Bach flower therapy, evaluated all of the experts to be negative. This assumes that all the organic diseases and mental problems, with high dilutions of certain plant extracts fix.

Assessment is more thorough and better

How easy it is to the BZÄK with the procedure, a comparison with the work of the Institute for quality and efficiency in health care IQWiG. This rating, among other things, on behalf of the G-BA, the highest decision-making body in the German health care system, the Benefit and harm of medical measures. The analysis will serve as the Basis for this, for which treatments are paid by insurance companies.

Alone, the IQWiG final report on the question of how diseases of the gums should be treated, has 407 pages and cites 60 studies. To support “three professors, without an examination of the sources, is not 20 years after the establishment of evidence-based medicine is unacceptable”, says Klaus Koch, head of health information of the IQWiG. Expert consensus could not compensate for the uncertainties caused by the Lack of good studies. “If there is no good evidence, one has to admit the insecurity.”

The Federal chamber of dentists “consult beyond all the technical methodology and ,ultimately, any selection of experts”, in and of itself is not traceable, Gregor Bornes, spokesman for the patient representative in the G-BA Subcommittee Dental treatment. “You don’t ask but these persons also with reasons or evidence, shows once more that in dentistry, scientific ways of thinking is still far too little.”

The statutory health insurance funds assume the costs for methods of alternative dentistry in General. Possible this would be as a voluntary Statute, performance as in the case of homeopathy. The big health insurance companies, technicians and Barmer do not do this, however, the DAK only in individual cases, the “individual health account”.