How to understand messages from the doctor better

Some patients are at a doctor’s visit very excited and tense. Who creates it, however, to calm down and relax, is more attentive and can understand the messages of the doctor better, so the summary results from multiple studies of the University of Michigan.

In four studies, almost of 1,450 adults, the researchers tested whether meditation can reduce negative feelings of patients before a doctor’s visit. It showed that the participants relaxed, and were then able to process the information to better health. This does not mean that the patients have in the doctor’s practice, then no more fear, but "you can deal with the information better, if you are in a calmer mood sind", psychology Professor Allison Earl said. Koji Takahashi, the lead author of the study, &quot notes: ;Intense negative Emotion can cause a Patient focuses only on one or two information, and other important messages are not perceived."

The researchers recommend that, during the time in the waiting room, calming music to listen to or to meditate, to focus on the conversation with the doctor to prepare. Patients who have difficulty relaxing, could bring a family member or friend to the appointment.

The scientists had given to the patients during the Tests, different instructions: Some meditated, more listened to instructions for breathing and relaxation exercises, and other heard historical information. After that, all participants read information about the flu, cancer, HIV, Herpes, and gonorrhea, and then it was tested, how much the patient of the information and understood it had taken.