How To Spot A Cheater

We hate to think it let alone admit it but have you ever had just a sneaking, fleeting suspicion that your oh so faithful Bae is being… unfaithful? 

This is quite timely as new stats have revealed that people are 60% more likely to cheat on their partners in spring and summer than the cooler months. 

If you think it is time to do a bit of investigating on your other half well here are a few questions you need to be asking yourself.

A study just revealed that people with these jobs are the most likely to cheat.

Are they acting phone-y? – We aren’t saying get a joint Facebook account or try hack their triple encrypted passcode. There is no denying it we are glued to our phones, so much so that 41% of people can’t even go to the toilet without then (gross!?).

But some key signs to look out for: your partner spending more time on their phone then usual, not leaving their phone out or even going to the extent of hiding their phone!

What’s in the rubbish? – Men in particular can be a little bit clumsy when it comes to hiding the evidence. Use this to your advantage for the easiest catch around. 

Key signs to look out for: are receipts for dinners for two, clothing or jewelry that you haven’t received and an empty condom box.

Check the schedule? – As spontaneous as like to think we are most of us are creatures of habit. So if you notice your partner changing theirs then this could be a potential red flag.

Key signs to look out for: staying back late at work, scheduling social activities at weird hours of the day and also not copping an invite to social events.

Has he been clocking up some extra mirror time? – Subtle signs are caring more about his appearance. You’ve known him long enough so you might notice him taking more of an interest in how he looks. We hate to break it to you but you were comfortable before so who is he trying to impress? 

Key signs to look out for: showering more, shaving more often,watching his diet and working out more.

What’s his memory like? – As he spends more time with his mistress and less with you it will be more and more difficult to differentiate between his memories with you and her.

Key signs to look out for: telling a personal joke… that you aren’t in on? Lines like “Remember that time we saw ###” when you didn’t even see it together.

At the end of the day the best thing to do is have everything out in the open. Communication is key!

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