Hay fever comes and goes with age – doctors puzzle over the reasons

The a have as a child, severe hay fever, and appeal later. Others develop the Allergy to pollen until the age. For doctors this is a new phenomenon. An allergist explains what’s up with the Allergy-Jojo.

While the 25-year-old colleague is happy that her hay fever disappeared from the childhood days, complains more than twice the age of head of Department about Allergy symptoms in the spring, he knows it is only since two, three years.

Suddenly, Allergy-free, and as a Senior

Especially the case to develop only in older age, an Allergy, seemed to be doctors, until Recently, almost impossible. “Who-related symptoms such as Sneezing and stuffy nose, complains with 60 years, suddenly on the time of year watery and itchy eyes, and usually develops in Childhood Allergy and anti-body is formed,” says Karl-Christian Bergmann, Chairman of the Foundation German pollen information service. However, the allergist and pulmonologist at the Charité in Berlin, says: “Today, we increasingly see elderly patients with allergic symptoms, the swear up and down that you had in your life, no Allergy.”

Pollen plus NO2 are strong Allergy triggers

A proven explanation for this development. Bergmann says: “We observe the increase of allergies in adults, reinforced in large cities. We believe, therefore, that the air pollution has to do with it. Especially the combination of Pollen and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) seems to cause people to develop more antibodies.“

The “enriched” Pollen from Allergy symptoms in the elderly, the hay fever never used to-had problems.

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To be able to such contexts go to the bottom, use the experts from the German pollen information service, the “Pollen diary”. This App developed by the Allergy sufferers can hold in the whole of Europe your symptoms. In connection with the strength of the regional pollen flight, the scientists can finally answer the question of the threshold value for pollen Allergy sufferers. That is, the number of Pollen in the air, the trigger in patients allergic complaints.

This exact warnings that are particularly important for people whose hay fever has shifted to the bronchi, and Asthma get, when a lot of Pollen flying.

Childhood allergies coming back later usually

For the young woman, who is happy to be able to in the spring without any Allergy discomfort, in the nature, a miner is not a good message: “It is very common that allergies of Childhood in later years.” This can also be due to a change of Residence where certain allergens are present. Also a life-style change puts the brakes on complaints sometimes. “It is, however, the Allergy-inserts in most cases, only a break, and will be again some day.” Sometimes this is only in the higher age of the case.