Experts warn against aluminum in Deodorants and food

Some people in Germany take up too much aluminum. This shows a new analysis of the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR). The experts warn that this can have long-term consequences for health. The fabric can get stuck for example in cosmetics and food.

Include especially aluminium-containing food, tea, coffee, spices and cocoa-containing foods such as chocolate, according to the BfR. Legumes, vegetables and cereals can also contain large amounts of aluminum. Also foods that come directly with aluminum in contact are often contaminated with The experts, in this connection, the high aluminum content in pretzels that were on Aluminium, baked, or Apple juice that has been stored in uncoated aluminum tanks. Other recording sources are cosmetics such as Deodorants, toothpastes, lipsticks and sunscreens, as well as uncoated trays, baking sheets and aluminum foil are.

Too much aluminum is bad for the health

The BfR study in the Journal "Archives of Toxicology" was published, shows that the health of the tolerable weekly intakes in all age groups can be significantly exceeded. The authors therefore recommend to pay attention to in everyday life more on Aluminium in foods and cosmetics in order to avoid an increased health risk. High intakes of aluminum can cause, according to the experts, to the development of disorders of the brain and motor skills, as well as damage to kidneys, liver, and bone. Because aluminum compounds can be damaged to trigger inflammatory effects, or oxidative Stress in cells, causing the cells to.

Säuglinge and children gefährdet

The BfR has identified at-risk groups, where a high aluminium intake especially can damage:

  • Infants and small children, which are lined with a special soy-based, lactose-free or hypoallergenic food. The BfR recommends breastfeeding infants up to the sixth month only, and then with normal diet zuzufüttern.
  • Children between 3 and 10 years, very often of food, feed, which have been heated in containers made of uncoated aluminum, or kept warm, for example, aluminium trays or aluminium foil.
  • Teenagers and adults often use aluminum-containing Deodorants or whitening toothpaste and, in addition, very often food consume, the Packed containers in uncoated Aluminum, heated or hot were kept.
  • Since aluminum is kept very long in the body, is a high absorption, especially for young people is critical. Aluminum can go through the placenta from the mother to the unborn Baby. Pregnant women, the BfR therefore advises to use aluminum-containing food and cosmetics.