Children’s doctors are concerned to know What Smartphones and Tablets do with our children

Actually, the matter is clear. Who tapped constantly on their Smartphone or Tablet daddelt, moves less. That sounds logical – and is generally not disputed. Is discussed already since years, which makes the daily use of Smartphone and co. with children and young people. Especially in the head. And, above all, of children’s doctors. Recently, the President of the professional Association of the public demanded an effective “No cell phone before the age of eleven”. Justification: a Day on the small screens to stare at, have catastrophic consequences for child development. A recent study by the pronova BKK supports this Thesis.

Smart phones make you ill? Pediatricians alerted

Under the title “Smart in 2019, Growing up?” asked the company health insurance Fund, 100 in Germany, established pediatricians. And what have observed the Pädiaten in the past five years in the case of your little patient, at least thoughtful. She treated accordingly, not only obese children, but more and more, which showed socially conspicuous behavior. Nine out of ten Doctors attribute this to the early use of computers, Smartphones, Tablets, and game consoles. In the case of the various, so-called U-tests, were the physicians according to the study, but other remarkable developments. So seven out of ten pediatricians report clusters of disorders in language development, two-thirds in kindergarten children and elementary school students, increasingly, motor deficits. For this, eight out of ten Doctors make the excessive media consumption of children and young people to be responsible.

Media use in children

"No cell phone before the age of eleven!" Head of the pediatricians Association, sounds the Alarm

Psychological damage is inevitable

Anything other than rosy and the children, doctors assess what is to come in the next few years on you. Nine of the ten respondents believe that the ever-increasing use of media leads children to psychological damage. The scope of which is not yet foreseeable at all. Many of the children have been living in isolation today, social has to do the vast majority of doctors also have in order to that you can pull up some hours in your room and your leisure time on the Tablet or the game console to spend.

The truth to this much-discussed topic will also include: to have an impact on Whether and how exactly a lot of time in front of the flickering display on the brains of children scientists are highly controversial. The reason is as simple as it is obvious: There is a lack of reliable study results.

Education and technology

Hey parents, puts, finally, the Smartphone to the side!

In the U.S. Brain researchers whose watch for about a year, nearly 12,000 children, to find out the extent of your brain in case of excessive Smartphone usage. With results one could expect but not for a few years, from the National Institute of Health, with headquarters in the state of Maryland.

According to a recent RTL-study of 11-13-year-old students spend a daily average of 52 minutes with your Smartphone. Eight – to ten-year-old around to wipe, therefore, every day only ten minutes on the phone.

Source: Study “Smart Grow Up In 2019?”; “”

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