Chicken pox vaccination also protects against shingles

A study with more than 6 million children has reduces shown that vaccination against chickenpox in addition, the probability of a painful shingles are liable to disease significantly. Thus, the vaccination has two advantages.

Shingles, also called Herpes zoster, is caused by the same viruses that cause pox during the initial infection the wind. Researchers at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in the USA, wanted to determine, therefore, whether there is a vaccination against chicken pox before the shingles protect.

It showed: children who were vaccinated against chicken pox, had a 78 percent lower risk for Herpes zoster than unvaccinated children. In the course of the study, which lasted twelve years, decreased the Occurrence of shingles in children, a total of 72 per cent, as the number of vaccinated children increased. "The highest infection rates occurred in the early years of the study, as there was a higher proportion of children, particularly older children, the smallpox, the wind-vaccine not received hatten", study author Dr. Sheila Weinmann said. The decline could also be associated with the introduction of the second dose of Vaccine starting in 2007, as the Occurrence was in children who had received both the necessary vaccinations against chicken pox, much less than in those who were only vaccinated once.

For the study, data for 2003 were analyzed to 2014 from electronic health records of more than 6.3 million children. About half of the children were vaccinated during the period of investigation. In children, shingles is rare and the symptoms are usually less severe than in adults, in General, to pain, burning and bubble skin suffer rashes.