Cancer: Well, the chemotherapy

The fight against the disease is hard. Especially chemotherapy makes patients ‘ fear. However, many side effects can now relieve

Schön spite of cancer: Colorful Tücher, conceal the hair loss

Soon after the diagnosis of cancer, waiting for many patients, the nämost shock: you know that chemotherapy nötig is. Some have almost as much fear as the disease itself. However, it is not often as bad as you befüfear. "The side effects can be now mostly well in the handle bekommen", Professor Karin Jordan, Oncologist says on Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg.

What unerwüyou want the consequences to occur, is very different and hädepends, among other things, by the administered agent, and the dose. Köphysical distressing each chemotherapy. The drugs do not act specifically on the cancer cells. Although this &shy be;­particularly strong geschädamaged. But also tissue that grow quickly, suffer – about the hair. In General, you have a rest after the end of Therapy quickly. What can you do to get well through the Chemo.

Chic in spite of hair loss

"I now get a bald head?" Many patients have when hearing the word Chemo immediately this question in my head. "The hair does not fall but aus&quot with any therapy;, erklärt Dr. Susanne Weg-Remers, head of the cancer information service at the cancer research center. If it is, to grow them in, as a rule, about six weeks after the end of Treatment.

Nonetheless, the idea is to run, with bare head around to müshot, especially für women hard. Especially since you consider them the disease then. Who mölike, should früactivity at an early stage to a Perücke küinhibitors. Women dafür is a fixed amount of just under 400 euros, refundable at Mämen üaccept only some of the health insurance costs. An Alternative für both sexes, caps and hats such as M&uuml are;support, caps or Tücher.

Who is to keep the hair absolutely ­mölike, can K&uuml after a;hlkappen-­Treatment to inquire. It causes the scalp wäduring the Infusion and for a while, is bleeding after less. The medicine comes in ­a lower dose of die  The roots of hair. "The hair is but lichter&quot anyway;, Jordan says. The Kälte can f&uuml in addition to headaches;hren. The cost of about 100 Euro per application müwear the patients themselves. "One should be careful with types of tumour, the Metastases in the skin neigen", warns Weg-Remers. The Kümisconduct köcould put the protection against metastases. Prior to the oncologists advice.

Against Ünausea

Before Ünausea and vomiting, früa häfrequent side effect of chemotherapy, mümust have the patients today no longer afraid. "Drugs that prevent, gehören for the treatment dazu", Kerstin Bornemann, a pharmacist f&uuml says;r Oncology pharmacy in Gö- in ttings.

These are used as a preventive measure. Because the Patient connects the therapy only once, with vomiting, often enough, the sight of the Infusion – and him spei&uuml is;bel. Who still after Chemo queasy feeling in the stomach that can zusäin addition ­Medication. "The various active ingredients all well together kombinieren", Bornemann says. 

The Köbody detoxify

Many patients have the Bedürfnis, the poisons of the chemotherapy quickly get rid of. A üintoxicated effective means: drink a lot! At least two to three liters on the day of chemotherapy and the day after that, rät pharmacist Bornemann.

This helps the kidneys excrete mined drugs, schüsupports the Schleimhäute and prevents constipation. What sounds easy can be quite difficult. "Many have no Durstgefühl", Bornemann says. A tip: every hour a glass of fresh water put down, the must be empty in the end.

Otherwise, you should Detoxify the Köbody ver­trust. "Most of the funds after a few hours or hömaximum number of days abgebaut", soothes Weg-Remers. Of detoxifying or detoxifying ­Procedures such as special Diäten experts generally advise. Who naturopathic Präparate, it is important to tell the oncologist.

Tips against Müspeed

Be ömore often times müde and limp to fümiss is hardly any ­a cancer patient saves. The best medicine is: in motion &ndash stay; "even if it is the patient ver­­ständ­Lich schwerf&auml way;llt", &shy says;Jordan. However, already a walk in the woods or just a walk through the garden stärkt Köthe body and soul.

Studies show that patients who manage to move on despite her illness, fü­.wäduring the therapy of fresh. "This creates no tablet and no Vitamin", Bornemann says. Sport also reduces the risk, in a chronic Erschöto slide against. Even the risk of Rückfalls is smaller.

Training für the nerve

A further consequence of the chemotherapy köcan Schäthe to the nerves of the Hände and Füße. The Affected füa tingling or numbness and may be hard to do, in part, fine movements auszuführen.

Experts advise to regelmäßowned Bewegungsüinspiration: With the fingers of a hedgehog ball, knead or the Füße über rollers to slide the Sensibilit&auml can help;to get t. Are Nervenschäthe probably, be Kältehandschuhe and socks tested, the äbeginning to look like the Kühlkappe. After Jordans Einschäsetting up the method is quite helpful. "However, it is perceived by some patients as uncomfortable."

Blood values in the view

The chemotherapy beeinträthe blood of the education in the Knochen­mark. The number of weißen Blutköthe body cells decreases, the immune system loses power. Wäwhile the therapy is regelm&auml the blood picture, therefore,;ßig controlled. "Patients often think that they hähave done something wrong, if the blood sind&quot values bad;, born’s experience. But, unfortunately, köyou can affect the. Of vitamins or other agents that promise the immune system to stäenhance, rates of cancer experts. 

If necessary, köcan growth factors, the release of weißen Blutköbody cells from the bone marrow föpromote – or it will be inserted in the therapy break. In the case of a lack of ­red Blutköbody one can. concentrates of blood cells administered Generally, you should wäduring the therapy, numbers of people to avoid and after a metro ride grüof course, the Hände wash. "And the er­kälteten friends should verschieben&quot your visit better;, rät pharmacist Bornemann.

Schleimhäute schüsupport

The chemotherapy can Entzüinventions in the mouth and throat. The most important Maßcollection: "Spülen, spülen, spülen", rät Jordan. In the pharmacy there are alcohol-free Lömeasurements at least six Times täpossible preventive ­­be applied. "But also simply with water to spülen helps schon", according to the expert.

Entz&uuml already;ndungen, you should the oral care verstäTurks, you möas possible quickly heal. Against pain Sp&uuml help;lungs and gels with locally-acting painkillers. The mouth is stäfully dry, help Lösolutions to Dampen or so-called künst­more saliva. Another tip: ­Patients benefit in some of the Chemo drugs, if you Eiswücube wäduring the Infusion, suck. The Kälte narrows the Gefäße in the mucosa and schüprotected against the influence of the drugs.

Help für the Psyche

The stressful time of the überstehen, also needs the soul Unterstüup. "Cancer patients are not mentally kränker than others, but they have Enormous to bewältigen", Bornemann says. In cancer centers, you can w&auml be;during the therapy at any time Psycho­oncologist contact. The patients expected no psycho-analysis. The focus is on the Bew&auml is;management of the disease.

A lot of benefit from it, with other relevant exchange. In the case of the German cancer society regional self-help groups. Bornemann rät in addition, an­offered Unterstüup to accept and ­To get discomfort aid.

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